Weigh In Wednesday: DietBet

Last Night

I made spaghetti squash for dinner yesterday – man, those things are hard to cut open.

I topped my squash with roasted broccoli and onions,spinach, marinara sauce, feta cheese, and parmesan cheese. I also had a piece of tilapia for some protein.

Danny has been eating really well too. He had chicken, brown rice, and roasted broccoli.

After dinner, Danny talked me into going to the gym. At first I didn’t want to because we just ate, and I didn’t want to go into the dark and cold night. I’m motivated in the mornings, but at night, I just want to stay inside, especially in the winter.

But I knew Danny was right, and we should go to the gym – so we did.

Look at that – no make-up once again. Hey, sometimes you don’t wear make-up and sometimes you have crazy “I just woke up” hair. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Last Night’s Workout

  • 2.08 miles treadmill, walked

I just walked on the treadmill for about 30 minutes last night since I had just eaten an hour prior. I don’t do very well working out after I eat, so I took it easy.

Even though I just walked, my knee was killing me by the time I was done, so I made sure to ice it when we got home. Dumb knee. My shoulder already hurts. Wait your turn, knee. Wait your turn.

Danny is one of those fun guys at the gym that runs on the treadmill sideways. If I even thought about running on the treadmill sideways, I would fly right off the back of the thing and crash into the wall – just like those lucky Biggest Loser contestants on their first day on the ranch. I guess Danny is cooler than me.

After our workout, I had an Atkin’s bar. I eat them as a dessert because when I close my eyes they almost taste like a Snickers bar. Almost.

Today – DietBet Update

Well, it’s officially been one week since Danny and I started the DietBet. It’s been going really good, and I am happy with the progress Danny and I have been making so far.

I weighed myself this morning and since last week, I’ve lost 1.4 pounds, which I am happy with. Going into the diet challenge, I knew that I was going to have a hard time because I have reached a weight loss plateau, so I am happy with any weight loss.

Danny has lost 10.2 pounds!! 10.2 pounds! Can you believe that?! (I must be a good coach :) ) It’s so awesome and he’s doing so great! He’s already lost his 4% of body weight. As long as he can maintain that weight loss for three more weeks, he’s won his DietBet!

It’s so amazing to me – 10.2 pounds in one week. When I first started trying to lose weight, and really cut the crap out of my diet, I lost seven pounds in my first week. I think you lose a large amount in the beginning and then it slowly tapers off. But it really shows how much weight you can lose just by getting rid of the junk in your diet – soda pop, candy, alcohol, white flour, etc.

Great job, Danny!


Breakfast this morning was one serving of Special K Protein with almond milk.

Today’s Workout

  • Adaptive Motion Trainer Machine – 16 minutes
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

My legs were still sore when I woke up this morning, mostly my right one, so I got out the poor neglected foam roller. Whenever I have the foam roller out, Jaden must use it. I think it’s some kind of rule.

The best part was when I was foam rolling Jaden would walk around me saying stuff like, I know it hurts, but you just have to do it and I think you should be doing this 20 minutes a day. Who knew I had such a little trainer on my hands?!

My gym got a new machine that I tried out this morning called an adaptive motion trainer (AMT). It’s kind of similar to an elliptical…but different. It took me a minute to get used to but once I did, I liked it. You can change the length of your stride, which you can’t do on a regular elliptical. I will be using it again.

After the AMT machine, I went to BodyPump. I can’t wait until the new gym opens later this year because BodyPump gets crowded sometimes, and the room is very small.


Lunch this afternoon was something that I used to make a lot but haven’t lately – a veggie flatbread pizza!

I used a Flatout flatbread and topped it with organic pizza sauce, ren onions, broccoli, green pepper, spinach, mozzarella and feta cheese. I also had some fruit on the side.

Tonight, I have plans to go to yoga…just gotta get my butt out of the house.

  • If you’re doing the DietBet, how are you doing?
  • Favorite thing you ate this week?
  • Favorite candy bar?
  • Is Danny awesome for losing 10 pounds or what?!


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22 Responses to Weigh In Wednesday: DietBet

  1. Fit Minded Mom

    I think I lost 1.6 pounds this week BUT my not so friendly Aunt decided to visit early so next week I think I will see a bigger loss. At least I hope so!!

    The flat out pizza looks delicious! I may have to try those out for lunch next week.

  2. Wow! Congrats to Danny! Thats impressive ….and so is the sideways running. For sure that would be a bad idea for me to attempt!

  3. Gigi

    Great job to Danny and you! I think it’s great that you both help each other out with the motivation. Be careful not to over due it. Have a great day!

  4. Marlene

    Great job on the weight loss Heather!!

  5. Wow nice job on the weight loss! Why is it so much easier for guys to lose weight? That spaghetti squash looks really good!

  6. Congratulations for both of you!!
    Tip: I make my Spaghetti Squash in the microwave so I don’t have to cut it in half when it is still hard as a rock! Just stab it a few times and flip it half-way through (10 to 15 minutes depending on size). :)

  7. what a great week for both of you :) i tried sphagetti squash for the first time last week and yes you are right- those things are too tough but i loved it and have been eating them every for lunch :) I have been trying to get back on health train lately but need more motivation i guess :(

  8. So what is dietbet again? I don’t think I can do this because I don’t want to lose weight!

  9. Congratulations to both of you for your loses! Keep it up :) :)

  10. susie

    Wow, your meals look delicious! You and the family are starting the new year with a sha bang:)

  11. How much do you weigh?? You look so skinny to me!! All my husband has to do if he wants to loose weight is stop eating ice cream for a week! lol I want to take a butts and guts class next at my gym! What do you think about that class????

    • Men seem to lose weight so much easier! I’ve lost 30 pounds since April, so even though Im at a healthy weight sometimes I still feel “bigger.” Right now, Im about 5 pounds away from my goal weight. I love the Butts and Guts class at my gym! Its fun and its a different routine every week so it always keeps my body guessing!!

  12. Teresa @ fitnwoodbine.blogspot.com

    oops my website changed!

  13. amy

    congrats to Danny for losing 10 pounds

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