Back Pain Sucks


I swear my brother and sister-in-law have the worst luck. I showed up at their house at 9 am yesterday to take my brother to the doctor, and I found out that my sister-in-law spent the night in the ER because she tore her scar tissue from a gall bladder surgery last year. So, neither Paul or Crystal could move around very well. Well, when it rains it pours.

First, I took my brother to get an MRI. I brought my niece with so that Crystal could get some sleep since she had been in the ER all night. The MRI place was right next to McDonald’s so when Paul was getting an MRI, I got some much-needed coffee.

After the MRI, we headed to the doctor’s office because it was only two minutes away even though we were early for the appointment. Luckily, they were able to see my brother early. Thank goodness because I sat in that waiting room for three hours.

See that guy sleeping in the background? There was actually two guys sleeping and one guy was snoring so loudly that it was hard not to laugh. The doctor’s office is also a surgery center, so I guess there was a lot of people waiting for their loved ones to come out of surgery.

I made sure to pack a lunch that morning because I knew that I would be out most of the day.

I packed some overnight oats for me and a cheese sandwich for my niece. She wanted nothing to do with the cheese sandwich and wanted my oats, so we shared them. What a good Baby McCutie following in Auntie Heather’s Overnight Oats footprints :)

Baby McCrabby spent the last half an hour crying, and crying, and crying. Finally, she fell asleep right when the nurse came out to tell me that my brother was done. Figures.

It turns out that he has four herniated discs in his back. The doctor gave him a cortisone shot that will hopefully help. If not, the next step in surgery. I feel so bad for my brother because he can’t do anything. He can hardly walk.

We’re still trying to figure out what would cause four herniated discs. He bent down to pick up a sock on the ground when he heard his back pop. But that wouldn’t cause herniated discs would it?! They must have been messed up prior. But what do I know? I’m not a doctor.

I finally dropped off Paul and my niece at home, and made it back home five minutes before Jacob’s bus got home.

When Danny got home from work, I went to the gym.

Jaden doesn’t like it when Mama leaves at nighttime.

Yesterday’s Evening Workout

  • 4.25 miles treadmill

My right calf and leg were bothering me a lot last night, so I walked, jogged, and ran for a total of 4.25 miles. I stretched for about 5 minutes afterwards, but I really need to start stretching more.

I came home and made peanut butter french toast for dinner. My eating has been kind of off lately with running around with my brother so much. Usually my days are very much the same, and I eat about the same time every day. Hopefully, today things will start to get back to normal a little bit…or not.

Have a great day! We’re expecting a big snow storm soon, so as much as I dislike it, at least we’ll have snow for Christmas!

Questions of the day:

  • Have you ever hurt your back?
  • Can you fall asleep anywhere? I can’t, but I can sleep in the car.
  • Has it snowed where you live?


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10 Responses to Back Pain Sucks

  1. michele dick

    I had disc replacement surgery 4 years ago and I have to say it was the best move I made. I can do more than I did 4 years ago and too boot I run now as well. I had back pain for over 20 years and then finally I decided to do this.
    As for SNOW none, notta, nothing!! :( I grew up in Buffalo and we always had a white X-mas now living in VA for 12 years I think we only had one!

    Hope your brother feels better soon and get the surgery the shots don’t really help that much!

    • Run Eat Play

      Thanks! I’m glad that your back is doing better – he’ll probably need surgery which isn’t fun but at least his back will be better!

  2. Melissa Woollard

    Back pain sucks. After 3 kids and 25 years in daycare lifting my back has its issues! Hope Paul and Crystal are feeling better soon:-(

  3. Whoa! Four herniated discs?!? Holy cow. That does suck. And surgery is no fun either. :( If the shot helps to alleviate things for him, I have heard that there are exercises he can do to help strengthen his core and realign his spine to maybe prevent needing surgery. Just something to look into.

  4. Michelle Dragoo

    Sending lots of prayers!!

  5. Oh man! that sounds like such a classic waiting room story. I am so sorry for your bro and his wife. It’s nice that you are so involved in their lives and your nieces :) I always love that.

    I hope his back gets better. I’ve never had to deal with back issues, thank goodness. But I do have pretty poor posture…so who knows what’s in store.

  6. Oh my heavens, bless your families heart! I sure hope they all start feeling better soon <3

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