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Holiday Magic Zoo Lights

Happy Sunday! I spent this morning doing my favorite Sunday activity – reading the paper and drinking my coffee.

Usually, I enjoy this activity alone, but Jaden was up nice and early this morning. In fact, he was out of bed and completely dressed by 7 am. He’s going on his first play date today and to say he is super excited would be putting it lightly. He was counting down the days until he was going and now he’s counting down the hours.

When I told him that he still had five hours until he went to his friend’s house, he wasn’t very happy. And I must admit, I’m a bit nervous. I’ve never dropped Jaden off at someone’s house and left him before. I know he’ll be fine, but I’ll be worried. I’m not worried about him being with strangers because I know the mom from school. I’m nervous because Jaden has his own way of doing things and tends to say what’s on his mind, as most five-year olds do. It’ll be interesting!

I’m kind of new to this whole play date thing, so I am assuming that I have to invite this child over to our house next weekend. Is that correct?


Last night, we went to Holiday Magic at Brookfield Zoo. They had a deal on Living Social for 50% off. By the time I bought it, the adult tickets were sold out, but I bought two child tickets.

The zoo has over two million lights. It was nice but it was cold outside. Cold for me anyway. Danny was perfectly fine while I was shivering in my shirt, sweatshirt, and coat. I am always cold lately.

We got to the zoo early at about 3:45 pm. By the time we left at about 6:45 pm, the zoo was insanely packed. I know that Living Social sold over 8,000 tickets and it seemed like everyone came at the same time. I told Danny that he should be glad that I’m an early bird and we were leaving as the masses were flowing in.

I do not like crowds. This is why I enjoy running smaller races nearby. I have never run a race in Chicago and although I know the big crowd bring lots of anticipation and fun, I don’t enjoy it. At all.

A lot of the animals were inside because it was cold, but we were able to see a few.

We liked the meerkats the best because they were so funny. Jacob said that he liked the lizards the best. We didn’t see any lizards.

Today is kind of a lazy day. Danny will be watching football, and I’m debating going to the gym. Usually if I don’t go first thing in the morning, I find a bunch of other things to do at home (like sitting on the couch and reading the paper) and end up not going at all. But we’ll see.

Have a nice Sunday!

Questions of the day:

  • When was the last time you went to the zoo? Favorite zoo animal?
  • Crowds: don’t mind them or avoid at all costs?
  • Any plans for today?


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