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My Day

Happy Friday!

Here’s how my day went today:

5:34 am: Woke up early to go to the 6 am BodyPump rather than the 9:10 am BodyPump. It was hard waking up so much earlier and it was weird driving to the gym before the sun was even up. Good part? I was done with my workout by 7 am.

10 am: Danny and I went Christmas shopping. I think we’re completely done buying Christmas presents for everyone on our list!


The Charlie Brown Christmas decorations at the mall made me happy :)

12:30 pm: Danny and I took a break from shopping for some lunch. We went to Claim Jumpers, and I really enjoyed it. We shared the chips and salsa, and I had the mini pizza and Caesar salad combo.

2:20 pm: We stopped at Jewel to pick up the final gift cards on our list and we’re done shopping for the day! Danny complained about how much money we spent and how we can’t spend anymore. Normal.

2:45 pm: We pulled up right behind the high school bus as it turned onto our street. I was appalled to see a group of kids about 14-15 years old get off the bus, stand right next to the bus, pull out a package of cigarettes from their backpack, and light one up before the bus had even turned off its flashing red lights and pulled away. I was in shock.

Danny said that’s how it is in high school. I said no way. When we were in high school, we would never bring cigarettes to school and light up in front of the bus driver. Aren’t kids scared of anything these days? Aren’t they afraid the bus driver will see them and tell the school? Or a neighbor will see them and tell their parents? Crap, I was shocked by the lack of being secretive. I’m not looking forward to when my kids get to high school. Blah.

As I special treat, I am getting the kids Pizza Hut tonight. They have been asking and asking for Pizza Hut, but I keep saying no because I’m not really a Pizza Hut fan. But today, I decided to be a nice mom and order them their Pizza Hut.

Have a great weekend!

Questions to the day:

  • Favorite store to shop at?
  • Am I in the dark about teenagers these days? When I told Jacob what happened, he said I’m not surprised. How can my 11-year old not be shocked, but I am?
  • Favorite pizza place? Least favorite pizza place?


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