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Running in my Mizunos

Today’s Workout

  • 4.08 miles
  • Stretching – 10 minutes

I decided to test out my new Mizuno shoes this morning. I got the Mizuno Inspire 9s in a size 11 (huge, I know!) from the Mezamashii Run Project.

My normal shoe size is a 10, and I used to run in a size 10 shoe also. I am pretty sure that I broke one of my toes doing that. I finally got fitted for a pair of shoes at a local running store and learned that my running shoes should be at least half a size larger than my regular shoe size.

I was fitted for a pair of size 10.5 Nikes. Since then, I have found that a size 11 is more comfortable and switched to a size 11 in Asics GT 2160s, which I currently run in. So, when I ordered the Mizunos, I hoped that the size 11s would be a good fit.

Luckily, they were perfect! I planned on running 5 miles this morning, but my calf was really bothering me, so I ran three miles and walked/jogged one mile. The Mizunos felt very comfortable and lightweight, yet very supportive. The toe box was wide enough to accommodate my foot and they didn’t feel too big. Perfect!

The one thing that I dislike about the treadmills at my gym is that they will only let you run 35 minutes before they stop and you have to start over. It’s kind of a pain because I have to remember how far I ran before I start the treadmill again. Usually, I just take a picture with my phone because it’s easier. I always say I can remember but sometimes I end up totally forgetting the exact number. Then, I just add the two numbers to get my distance.

It wasn’t my best run because my legs were really sore and my right calf was very tight, so I did what I could. I made sure to wear my calf sleeves and stretch afterwards.

It’s weird, but I rarely run four miles. I will always run three miles or five miles, but rarely four. I’m not quite sure why that is.

After the gym, I ran to Target. Why is it that I’ll run to Target to get one or two things and leave spending a billion dollars?! But I did get some little Christmas gifts that I needed for people, so that was nice to get it crossed off my list. I also got two bags of Hershey kisses because I plan on doing some baking soon! :)

Questions of the day:

  • What kind of shoes do you run/workout in?
  • If you run, what’s your average distance or favorite distance?
  • Do you bake a lot more at this time of year?


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