It’s Only October

We had stupid flu shots scheduled for 9 am this morning. I stopped and got some McDonald’s coffee on the way.

McDonald’s already has holiday coffee cups, peppermint mocha coffee, and holiday mint McFlurries. Now, I love Christmas and all, but starting all this Christmas stuff before Halloween is a little too much for me. I like to enjoy Halloween and the fall time first, and then start holiday stuff in November. I’ve also seen Christmas commercials for PetSmart and Target. Doesn’t it seem like they’re starting the holidays earlier and earlier every year?!

Jacob was the brave one at our flu shots this morning and got his first. I, on the other hand, was scared out of my mind. Jacob was pretty amused at me being such a baby.

I was actually hoping that I had a fever so that I wouldn’t have to get one. No such luck. Whatever. I still got one. And my arm hurts.

Danny got his shot fine, but Jaden took a little bit of coaxing. Thankfully, we all got our shots in under ten minutes and then we were out of there.

Afterwards, we stopped at the store to get a few last-minute things for our costumes for the Halloween party tonight.

The tattoo was totally unnecessary. I just thought it was cute. Can’t wait for the party to see everyone’s costumes!

When we got home, I started slaving away over the stove to make the food for tonight…

…or I’m being lame and bringing store-bought cookies and making brownies from a box. One or the other.

Jaden tried his Angry Birds costume on with the pillows stuffed in it.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Questions of the day:

  • Is it too early for Christmas stuff? When do you like to start celebrating the holidays?
  • Did you get a flu shot?
  • Any plans for today?


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8 Responses to It’s Only October

  1. I always embrace when Starbucks has their cups. I think the competition is getting harder and harder in the coffee industry.

    I love the tattoo, so fun. The costume is super cute, I won’t show V, because his is one I picked up a few years ago at 75% off. And he will be so jealous of the costume

  2. I kinda love mint flavored items, though, much more than pumpkin, but it is getting earlier and earlier with the xmas crap, let us celebrate halloween first, FFS!

  3. I love Target but when I saw the Christmas commercial today, I was peeved. I agree, let us have Halloween and then..get on with it. But for crying out loud, the stores already have more stuff in stock for Christmas decorating than they do for Halloween. *rant over* Can’t wait to hear about your party. You all are so creative!! And thanks for the reminder, I need to get to the Halloween store and get D a wig and some tights. 🙂

  4. I got my flu shot again this year but unsure if I’ll continue to get it or not. Our daughter and my husband have still to get theres….being pregnant with baby #2 my doctor was pretty encouraging that I get mine early.
    I have finished my Christmas shopping for my daughter and baby #2 – only because baby #2 is due early December and I won’t want to be out shopping then. I don’t like to see Christmas stuff in stores until have November 11th. I’ve seen some stores back at the end of august with Christmas displays – just a money grabber for them. With the Fall season, Halloween and Remembrance Day, I can hold off looking/shopping for Christmas stuff.
    Have fun at your Halloween Party.

  5. I’m scared to death of needles! And I’ve never gotten a flu shot . . . I figure if I’ve made it this far, why start doing it?!? Have fun at the Halloween party!

  6. Mint flavored mcflurries? I didn’t even know those existed.Oh & can I just say, Jaden’s costume is adorable.

  7. I’ve actually never had a flu shot!

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