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Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it to zombie paintball on Friday. šŸ™ I guess GrouponĀ sold an extremely large amount of these Groupons, and the wait at the paintball place was 3+ hours at times. So, GrouponĀ sent out an email saying that now you now had to pre-book a scheduled time and reprint your Groupon. What?! So, it just didn’t end up working out.

Instead, my family meet at Nick’s Pizza, a local pizza place, for dinner, and then we came back to our house to play cards.


On Saturday, we went to Mount Carmel Cemetery.

Mount Carmel CemeteryĀ is where Al Capone and a lot of famous gangstersĀ are buried. There are also a large number of religious figures buried there.

People actually comeĀ to leave cigars and money on Al Capone’s gravestone.

Mount Carmel Cemetery has a lot of history and some interesting stories. One is the “Italian Bride.” A women had died during childbirth and was buried with her baby. Her mother kept having dreams that she was alive, so she got the grave exhumed after six years. When they open the casket, the young women was not decomposed at all. She was in exactly the same condition as she was six years ago, although the baby was decomposed.

A picture was taken of her perfect body and it was placed on her tombstone.

My dad and stepbrother took a guided tour of the cemetery a few weeks ago, so they knew a lot of interesting things. Honestly, being in a cemetery makes me slightly nervous.

They also got a book with all the famous people who are buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery. My dad tried to make me read it, but I just looked at the pictures.

Al Capone:

Saturday Night

We had dinner and a bon fire at our house on Saturday night. My dad perfected his “sandwich making over an open fire” skills.

We didn’t stay up too late on Saturday since the 5k was the next morning.


I ran the Sunrise Shuffle 5k, and came in 2nd place for my age group out of ten women. I missed first place by 11 seconds! But I was so happy to win a medal.

Sunday afternoon, we went to a local forest preserve to take some pictures of the kids in the leaves.

Somehow, it got turned into family picture day, and I obviously didn’t get the memo because I wore my Victoria’s Secret sweat pants. I like to add that they’re Victoria’s Secret sweatpants because it makes them sound a tiny bit classier than regular old sweatpants. And they should be considered classy for almost $40 a pair!

Then, we practiced jumping off a log to see if we could get a picture mid-air.

Great photo skills, Danny!

After pictures, we stopped for frozen yogurt. I was very excited because they had Halloween toppings!

I love those pumpkins! I love any candy that chewy and fruity.

I added pumpkin candies to my frozen yogurt, but I had to take them out and separate them right after we paid or else the cold yogurt freezes them and then they’re yucky.

Questions of the day:

  • Did you do anything fun this weekend? Anything boring?
  • What’s your favorite candy? Do you like frozen candy? I love frozen Snickers.
  • Favorite pizza topping? I’m a cheese only kind of girl. That’s the best part anyway.


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12 Responses to Weekend Recap

  1. I frozen yogurt on Saturday night–so delicious! And they had candy corn, too! My favorite pizza toppings are onion and broccoli. And lots of good pizza sauce–not so much cheese. The sauce is the best part!

  2. We went on a retreat this weekend and had a blast! I love anything chocolate (especially in some ice cream!) and I like meat on my pizza. Lots of it! Cute pictures!

  3. I love cheese, mushroom and onion pizza. Oh my goodness, SO good!!!

  4. My fav pizza topping are Italian beef and pineapple! I know, it’s weird.

  5. lexi

    haha a cemetery makes you nervous? That’s one of the only places around here that I can run…. and i do it in the mornings before it even gets close to daylight… with nothing but a flashlight and my phone. Nervous yet? lol. It actually doesn’t bother me at all….. i guess because I’ve lived closed to it almost my whole life. I have to say, one day, I did go out there and see a casket just sitting next to the dug hole and couldn’t figure out what was going on…. that was the only weird thing that’s happened… lol.

  6. I had a low key weekend. Just how I like it!

  7. we went to Yogali Mogali yesterday and they had pumpkin flavor, I didn’t try it, as I am allergic to cloves, and normally everything pumpkin has cloves, but V and my friend E tried it and they LOVED it. They also had cinn roll, so yummy too

  8. Oh that beer @ dinner looks delicious! haha.

    I’m not a huge candy eater, but I do LOVE reeses pb cups.. especially frozen!
    Favorite toppings: Just tomatoes.

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