Halloween Costume Flashback Part II

More Halloween costumes! We have dressed up so much over the years, so I have tons of pictures. This set of pictures have some of my favorite Halloween costumes in them. My all time favorite Halloween costume was my peacock costume. I made the peacock feather thing that I wore on my back and the tutu myself. I loved how it turned out!

Peacock and A Guy Riding a Flamingo (the flamingo thing was a family joke that year so it was pretty funny).


Indian Girl and It Clown (that’s my dad!)

Zombie Danny (make-up by Heather 🙂 )

Forrest Gump and Zombie:

Zombie (again…geesh) and Avatar:

Last year, I dressed up as the 80’s. I wore three different costumes that were all things from the 80’s. The first costume was Tom Cruise from Risky Business:

My second costume of the night was Ms. Pac Man:

And my final costume was an 80’s workout girl:

The Queen of Hearts:

Howie and Girl #22:

Homer and Marge Simpson:

Hippie and Mad Hatter:

Mayhem and Flo from Progressive:

Mayhem and Mayhem:

And last, but not least, Baby McCutie as a skunk:

If you want, you can read more about last year’s Halloween party here.

What’s your favorite Halloween costume that you’ve ever worn or seen?


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7 Responses to Halloween Costume Flashback Part II

  1. I love your peacock costume! Home made is pretty impressive!

    I was an 80’s aerobic chick a couple years back, it may have been my favorite! I got all the goods from American Apparel, they are perfect for lycra and bright colors! 😉

  2. I was pee wee Herman once ! Back in 1985 or 86! Lol

  3. wow, your family loves Halloween!

  4. Wow. I am so impressed with the Halloween spirit you have!! Love it.

  5. Love your peacock outfit! so creative, and adorable!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend <3

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