Halloween Amazing Race 2012

Yesterday, it rained, it poured, it stormed, and the tornado sirens sounded. But that did not stop us from playing Crystal’s Halloween Amazing Race game.

Crystal, the mastermind behind the game:

We started out meeting at Paul and Crystal’s house. Prior to coming over, we had picked our team members and team name.

Danny and I were Team Tick Tick Boom (because we’re DYNOMITE) and our team color was black.

My dad and my step-brother, Jake, were Sam and Dean Winchester (from the tv show Supernatural) and their team color was red.

Paul and my step-mom were the Fried Green Flamingos and their team color was green.

Marlene and Aunt Pam were Purple Heat and their team color was purple. Kind of blurry, but it’s the only picture I have.

I wasn’t able to take a ton of pictures since we were so busy playing the game, but I did get a few. Here’s the only picture that I have of all of us, and of course, I’m not looking.

When everyone was there, our first task way to put ten Halloween movies in order by popularity. We tried using Google, but there are so many different lists of movies that it wasn’t any help.

Finally, Danny and I were able to put our movies in order, and we were given our first clue.

The first clue led us to a nearby gym/park district.

We looked everywhere in the sky walkway for the next clue before we realized that they guy at the desk had the next clue. He also gave us a little Gnome statue. If you’ve ever seen the tv show The Amazing Race then you know it’s sponsored by Travelocity so that crazy little gnome shows up everywhere.

At this point in the game, all of the teams were together because we finished each clue at the same time. The next clue took us to a local haunted house, and one team member had to go through the haunted house and the other team member had to be buried alive.

I hate haunted houses. I hate being scared. I hate things I can’t see. And I hate being touched by creepy things. So, I told Danny that I would be buried alive. No problem. Ha! Big problem.

The guy led four people though the haunted house, and the other four of us went to be buried alive.

I went first, so I had no idea what to expect. The guy lead us to a coffin, and I had to get inside. Here’s where I started to get scared. I asked the guy, will I be able to breathe? Are things going to touch me?

He said that I would be fine and the whole thing only lasted three minutes. So, I got into the coffin and he shut the lid. Then I really started to freak out. I started having a crazy panic attack, so I threw the lid open and said I didn’t think that I could do it. So, then my aunt starts yelling at me to get out, so she can have her turn instead. So, in the end my competitive side won out over my fear, and I shut the stupid coffin lid.

I covered my ears, shut my eyes, scrunched my legs up, and practiced deep breathing. Little did I know that I was being recorded and everyone outside the coffin was watching my reaction on a small television.

In hindsight, it was kind of lame. It was more like a ride. The coffin just shook around a little bit, vibrated so it felt like dirt was falling on you, and a rotten smell was pumped in through vents. But since I went first, I didn’t know what to expect. If I had gone second, I probably would have been perfectly fine. But it still sucked. I texted my sister-in-law and told her that I wanted to punch her. Hard.

By the time my turn was over, everyone knew to plug their nose.


My dad played in Dracula’s coffin while waiting for his turn. My dad went into the coffin last, and when he was in there he was waving to the camera and making funny faces…only none of us saw it because we all walked away looking for our partners to get our next clue. Even the guy who worked there walked away. And my dad was just left laying in the coffin when his turn was over. Sorry that happened to you, Dad.

Our partners made it through the haunted house and we were given our next clue. It was to Crystal’s aunt’s house. We were given the clue that one of us would have to eat something, and we had to pick who before we knew what it was that we had to eat. Danny and I had talked about what we would do in this situation prior to the game, so we already knew Danny was going to do it.

He had to choose between toast with ketchup, mayo, olives, and anchovies or crickets. Can I tell you that my aunt chose the crickets?!! She popped down four crickets like they were pills and her and Marlene sped off on their way.

Danny, Paul, and my dad didn’t have such an easy time. The toast they ate was foul. Paul and Danny could hardly choke it down and puked all over Crystal’s aunt’s lawn. It was delightful.

My dad got it down okay, but you could tell by his face that it was nasty. I give them so much credit because there is no way that I would eat that. Finally, after much water drinking, we made it to our next clue.

At the next clue, we had to play a Catch Phrase type game where you have to get your partner to guess 10 words without saying the actual word, and then switch. For example, one the words Danny had to guess was chocolate, so I said what’s my favorite candy? And Danny knew it was chocolate. We got through the 20 words first and sped off to our next clue.

The clue took us to a candy store a few towns over. We had to say trick or treat to the candy chop owner to get our next clue, and then we were on our way. The next clue was to take four pictures of our gnome with certain items that were listed. We chose to take a picture of our gnome with water, a fake spider, an outdoor Halloween decoration, and a Halloween food.

We were super lucky that I happened to have candy corn and a magazine with a fake spider in it in my car! The next clue took us to Jamba Juice where we had to show our four pictures of the gnome to one of Crystal’s friends. Then, one of us had to take a shot of wheatgrass.

I did it, since Danny ate the disgusting food. Wheatgrass tastes like crap, but it’s 100x better than anchovies or crickets. I took my wheatgrass shot, and we got our next clue.

By this time, Danny and I were slightly in the lead, so we were trying to haul ass. The next clue, told us to go to a nearby park and search for another gnome. We got to the park, and I jumped out of the car when Danny looked for a place to park. One of the clues we were given to find the gnome was “rest.” I immediately thought of the restroom, and sprinted off to the nearest women’s bathroom.

I gave a quick look inside and had almost left when I spotted the gnome and another clue on the sink. I grabbed the gnome and ran out just as Danny was running to the park. We opened the clue and it said to have someone take our picture with both the gnomes.

Luckily, a guy was at the park walking his dog, and we got him to take our picture. I’m pretty sure that he thought we were completely nuts.

The final clue said to go back to Paul and Crystal’s house and show Crystal the picture of ourselves with the gnomes. The first ones back were the winners! We passed my Dad and Jake when we were leaving Jamba Juice, so we knew they weren’t too far behind us. We got in the car and drove back to Crystal.

When we got back, I had Danny be sneaky and park my car on a side street instead of in the driveway so that no one would know we were back. I rushed inside and Crystal said that both partners had to be there. Danny finally parked the car, ran inside, and we showed Crystal the picture of ourselves with the gnomes, and we were the winners! Yay!

My dad and Jake were super close behind us, but our hidden car trick didn’t fool them because Jake spotted my car. A short while later everyone was back, and we had a big feast to celebrate how awesome everyone did.

Marlene showing Crystal her picture:

Crystal put a lot of time, effort, and money into her Halloween Amazing Race game and it was awesome! She did an amazing job, and everyone had such a great time! Great job, Crystal!! We all had such a fun time playing.

Danny and I won two large talking gnomes, Amazing Race coffee mugs that said winner on one side, and two gift cards to a local pizza restaurant. Awesome! Thanks, Crystal.

Last year for Halloween, my dad put together our first ever Halloween game, Halloween in Wonderland. You can read more about that game here, here, here, and here.

Hope you’re all having an amazing day!


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7 Responses to Halloween Amazing Race 2012

  1. Your family is intense! That must have taken a ton of work to put together.

    I am like you in terms of hating haunted houses etc., but I think going first in the coffin might have been worse!

  2. omg..as much as I felt like I was part of your family on Saturday, I am so happy I wasn’t part of this!

  3. Michelle

    Your family is just AWESOME! Love this!

  4. Fit Minded Mom

    Your sister in law did a fabulous job putting that together!! I love that you are a family who has so much fun together!!! My husband and I both have small families and neither side is very much fun(sad but true) so I think it would be awesome to do stuff like that.

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