Halloween Food and Pumpkin Carving 2012

Last night, we went to my grandparent’s house for our annual Halloween pumpkin carving and food night. I looked on Pinterest for something fairly simple, yet cool to make. I came across a neat cake from Cooking with Sugar’s blog, and I decided to make that.

Thank goodness it worked out because it’s kind of a one shot cake. If you mess up, you have to start all over, and I didn’t have time to start all over. Luckily, the directions were simple to follow, and the cake came out really awesome looking on the inside.

My dad’s was definitely the grossest and most disturbing Halloween food of the night. I give him tons of credit for coming up with such an awesome and unique idea, even if it did make me want to throw up a little bit. :)

The meat heads were made of cooked smoked sausage, so it was actually edible.

Marlene’s Delectable Intestines won first place for best Halloween food. (Oh, and my grandpa helped make those too – he chopped.)

The intestines were puff pastry with chimichanga filling. They won because not only were they gross looking, but they tasted delicious. (It kind of helped that Marlene’s chimichanga recipe is actually a Pillsbury cook-off recipe :) ). She is an awesome cook!

Some of the other Halloween food included:

Carmel and marshmallows Q-tips made by Crystal.

My brother, Paul, made a spinach dip mummy.

Danny made Halloween puppy chow with candy corn and Reece’s Pieces.

My uncle made witch hat cookies out of striped cookies and Hershey kisses. My aunt made mummy hotdogs wrapped in croissants, but I didn’t get a picture because everyone ate them before I remembered to take a picture.

My cousin, Billy, and his wife, Michelle, made guacamole dip.

Everyone’s Halloween food came out really awesome, and it’s so much fun seeing what everyone made!

After eating all the food, we started on the pumpkin carving.

Jaden carved a whoopee cushion on his pumpkin. It kind of looks like a bomb, but it’s supposed to be a whoopee cushion. I carved a vampire Pac-Man. For some reason, I have an obsession with Pac-Man. My cousin, Michelle, carved a baby sucking her thumb because she’s pregnant. What a cute idea! And my cousin, Billy carved Spock.

Danny’s pumpkin was the eyeball, and he won first place in the pumpkin carving contest!! Danny has a lot of patience, so he can sit there for a long time and carve. I, on the other hand, have very little patience, which is probably why pumpkin carving is my least favorite Halloween activity. We balance each other out well!

It was a very fun night, and we came home exhausted! And of course, Jaden was up bright and early this morning even though he didn’t sleep very well last night. Why don’t kids believe in sleeping in?? I guess when he’s a teenager, I’ll be complaining that he sleeps too  much!

Today, we competing in a Halloween Amazing Race type game came that my sister-in-law created. It should be tons of fun…as long as I don’t have to eat any frog fallopian tubes.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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11 Responses to Halloween Food and Pumpkin Carving 2012

  1. Your family is amazing! You guys could write a Halloween=party planning book!

    • Run Eat Play

      Thanks! Lol – I swear it’s all my dad! if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t all be into Halloween so much! But it’s so much fun!

  2. Key Master

    Your family is so creative. What great ideas you come up with in October. The food and pumpkins look awesome. Let me know if you have the recipe for those “Meet Heads”……Talk about shocking someone at a Halloween party!! Anymore pumpkins you can post? I saw some in the background that looked really cool.

  3. I have to say, your family has the MOST CREATIVE ideas I’ve ever seen. I love it. It looks like so much fun!

  4. Carli

    I agree with everyone else! As I was ready I couldn’t help but think how amazingly fun your family is.

  5. Wow, you are one SUPER creative family!! I love it. I can’t even pick a favorite because I loved all the ideas..the meat heads, intestines and Qtips were just way too gross, I’m not sure I could eat them but they were awesome!

  6. LOVE all the halloween treats! You guys are seriously such an awesome bunch!

  7. Pam S

    I’m so jealous! You and your family do so much awesome stuff together :)

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