Hot Cocoa 5k

We woke up early this morning for the Hot Cocoa 5k. It had rained early in the morning, but thankfully the rain held off for the race. A lot of my family ran the race this morning – Paul, Crystal, Marlene, Sue, Danny, and me.

My dad, Grandpa, Aunt, and Uncle came out for support and to watch the kids. Thanks guys!

I also ran into Lindy, her son, and Frank and Dawn from the Biggest Loser. Everyone did awesome!!

Danny was super sweet and ran with me the whole time. Surprisingly, my quad killed me during the race. It was fine yesterday but today it hurt a lot for some reason. I was almost in tears going up some of the hills, and honestly if Danny hadn’t been there, I would have given up.

My time was 33:05, which is actually my second best race. I was surprised by my time because I really struggled with that last mile.

Speaking of timing, the way the race was timed was really stupid. My dad asked about the timing, and they told him that your time started when the gun went off, no matter when your crossed the start line. So, even though it took me about 30-40 seconds to even get to the start line, that extra time was included in my official time.

Is that normal? I didn’t think that it was fair at all. Every single race I have run (and there have been many) your official time starts when you cross the start line, not when the gun goes off. I think this would totally mess up the awards. Oh, well.

Edited to add: Our race bibs did have timing chips in them. That’s why I felt like it was unfair to time the way they did.

Besides that, I liked the hot cocoa at the end and the water stations. I didn’t like the timing or the narrow pathways to run.

Marlene was awesome and came in first place for her age group!! Great job, Marlene! Sue finished the same time Marlene did. Those two are speedy. Crystal PR’d with her best time ever, and my brother did awesome too!


A little bit later, the kids ran their races. Jaden ran the 100 dash with Lindy’s son, V. They both were so cute and did great!

Jacob did really good as well, running the 1/2 mile.

Every kids was awarded with a Rocky Mountain taffy apple when they finished running.

Us adults were kind of jealous because we wanted taffy apples too!

And of course, they loved the hot cocoa!

When we got home, I foam rolled and iced my quad. I don’t know what I did to it, but it really hurts. Blah.

I’m glad the rain held off and I had a great morning with my family and friends! Tonight, we’re off to our pumpkin carving and Halloween food party! Have a great Saturday!

Questions of the day:

  • Have you ever heard of a race being timed this way? Is it fair?
  • Do you like taffy apples? Plain or peanut?
  • Any plans today?


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7 Responses to Hot Cocoa 5k

  1. I’ve heard of races being timed that way. I’m guessing you didn’t wear a chip, right? I’ve never run a race timed that way, but have read that is how it was done before chip timing (technology) came about.

  2. Michelle Dragoo

    Sorry I missed to guys! I didn’t like the start either. We did the 8 miler and I showed we ran 8.7. Bah! By the time we finished the hot chocolate was gone too :(

  3. Congrats! Glad the rain held off for ya. Hopefully your quad is just all tired out . . . and will be good as new in no time! :)

  4. Congrats on the race! Sorry about the crappy timing system. Most 5ks are like that, especially smaller races.

  5. I think this race series is different than the one I’m singed up for. I have never heard of times being set up like that – your time should only begin when you cross the start line, especially if you’re wearing a chip! But that aside, I think you had a great time. Sorry your quads gave you issues!

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