The other day during Pirate Night, my step mom brought up the subject of my blog and Danny. I don’t remember exactly what she said (I was busy drinking rum and collecting gold coins) but it was something along the lines of whether it bothered Danny or not that I blogged about my life, his life, and if it bothered him to be on the blog when he didn’t know what I was going to say until he read it himself.

I didn’t really think about it much then, but I have been thinking about it more these last few days. Danny said that no, it didn’t bother him to be on the blog or what I blogged about. There was only one time when a blog post bothered him, and he told me that he didn’t like it, and I actually made a blog apology post because I felt bad. No, I didn’t delete the original post because my feelings didn’t change, but I did feel like I owed him an apology.

If you want, you can read that post here. And you can read my apology here. (I’m sure Danny’s just going to love that I’m bringing this back up, but I figure if I’m talking about it, I might as well mention the post as well.)

What I’m wondering is: if your married or dating someone and you have a blog, how does your significant other feel about it?

I feel like if you have a blog, you can pick and choose what you’re going to put on that blog. There are tons of things that I do post and there are tons of things that I don’t post. And of course, you only see the side of me that I do share (which, actually, is what I’m like in real life anyway).

My point is that bloggers can pick and chose what to share and can have separate lives outside of their blogs. I feel that I put personal stuff on my blog, but not stuff that’s too personal. For example, I might say that me or the kids have a doctor appointment, but I won’t mention why we have that doctor appointment.

And of course, I leave out personal stuff for safety reasons, such as where Danny works or where my kids go to school. But I don’t think that Danny ever thinks that I share anything too personal about myself or him.

Danny is very easy-going and doesn’t mind that I put pictures of him and the kids on my blog. And the kids just love seeing themselves on the computer.

I also mention my family a lot on my blog, and so far none of them has told me to knock it off, so until then, I’ll keep doing it, but I don’t ever show them in a bad light.

Even if you don’t have a blog, what are your feelings on sharing personal information and talking about family and kids on blogs?

What are some of your favorite blogs that you read?

Moving on….

Last Night’s Workout

  • Approx 3.5 miles (outside and treadmill)

I meet up with some of my running group yesterday. Only one other guy was running and some other people were walking, so I ran and walked a bit. Then I came inside the gym and walked one mile on the pink treadmill. After you’re done on the pink treadmill, there’s a sheet to sign your name and how many miles you went. During October, 10 cents per mile is donated to breast cancer awareness.

I normally don’t run outside very much because I am a baby about the weather, so 99% of my workout clothes consist of black capris and tank tops. Since I’ve been running outside a bit more in the cool weather, I bought a long-sleeved shirt from Target to run it.

It’s very pink (as Danny pointed out) and it has thumb holes which I love because my hands get cold so fast. I think they’re meant to hold your sleeves in place, but I use them to keep my hands warm. I liked the shirt, but it rode up on me the whole time I ran. I kept having to pull it down, which was annoying.

I was going to wear it this Saturday for the Hot Cocoa 5k, but I think it’s going to be a problem.


Breakfast today was a peach oatmeal yogurt parfait.

It was so good, but I’m not sure how many more good peaches I’ll find at the store. The peach I used was a little too ripe. I guess peaches are more of a summer fruit.  Maybe I’ll make it with apples next time.

Today’s Workout

  • Step Class – 60 minutes
  • Elliptical – 18 minutes

After the gym this morning, my brother brought my niece over and we went to pick up our Hot Cocoa 5k race bibs. At the packet pick-up, I met Lindy from the blog Losing Lindy. She is running the 5k too, and she was so nice and sweet. She was actually the first ever other blogger that I’ve ever met!

And I looked oh-so-good when I met her too. No, no I didn’t. I was wearing gym clothes, with my Bear Paw boots, had dirty crazy hair, and no make-up on. So, I guess I pretty much looked like myself now that I think about it 🙂

The Hot Cocoa 5k was a little more expensive to sign up for – $39 but instead of a goody bag, you get a nice fleece jacket. A normal 5k costs between $25 and $30, so I figured the extra $10 or so was worth it for the jacket.

Questions of the day:

  • What are your thoughts on blogging?
  • Have you ever ran into someone when you looked not quite so good?
  • How much is too much for a 5k? How much do you typically pay for a race? I wanted to do a Zombie 5k last weekend, but it was $60! Now that’s crazy.
  • Favorite race goody? T-shirt, jacket, socks, power bar, etc?


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  1. I probably worry most about when I post a picture of a friend, rather than my family (they are all cool with it). I would never want anyone to be uncomfortable with something I post about them, so I like to think about if I would be okay with it before assuming they would. So far, there have been no complaints. But I am conscious about it!

    Cute fleece for the run! That would make the higher price worth it, to me.

  2. It was so nice to meet you! But in all fairness, I looked just as beautiful in my sweats, and no makeup . 🙂 I had no idea you guys were going to do the Hot Cocoa. I really thought our first run in would be at Yogali Mogali 😉

    I am looking forward to seeing you and meeting the rest of your family on Saturday!

  3. I blog and my wife reads. I have been enjoying it since I started a month ago, and she tends to show interest as well…like “hey you should blog about that” and such. I just think it has to be a healthy mix, with openly discussing it with your spouse and keeping communication open…if not it could cause issues!

  4. My husband is actually quite fine with what I post, even if it is a little too personal. I am an open book in real life and am known for saying what is on my mind so I don’t think he is too surprised. Of course, there will always be certain details of my life I don’t share just because some things need to remain private.

    I don’t like to pay more than about $25 for a 5K but for a nice fleece like that one, I agree that $39 isn’t too bad.

  5. susie

    I think you use proper discretion while blogging. You are sensitive to people’s feelings which makes for good reading:) You must of had an awesome female influence while growing up. Like your mom or something.

  6. I do my best not to post pictures of friends/family. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to be on someone else’s blog for everyone to see, so I respect that.

  7. Megan@ Run Like a Grl

    There’s definitely a gray area with blogging. I share only what I feel comfortable with and also leave out information that could cause safety concerns. My boyfriend doesn’t mind my blogging because my blog has been so good to me, but then again I’m careful when I post about him just in case

  8. gkennington

    My husband doesn’t really care if I talk about him or post pictures of him on the blog, but like you, I definitely make sure I don’t give out too much information, like where we live, or if he’s going out of town and I’m all alone. Too many creepers in the world!
    The t-shirt is definitely my favorite race goodie, but I’ve never gotten a fleece before. That’s awesome!!

  9. EVERY time I run an errand looking and feeling “blah”, I run into someone I know. It happens so often that my daughter Kelly will look at me and then feel the need to remind me that it will happen again. Oh well…it’s only the first impression that counts, right?

  10. Michelle Dragoo

    Think we all hope to say and do the right thing by our family on our blog. Xoxo. Hope to see you Saturday.

  11. My husband is actually okay with me blogging. He understands it’s something I love, something that gives me that little relief in life. A place where i’m able to share my thoughts. I think it’s about knowing the line of what you share with everyone, and when you’ve gone too far.

  12. Other than my husband, no one in my family even knows about my blog. Not that I’ve ever said anything bad about a one of them, but I feel more free to discuss my feelings if I know they are not reading it. My husband doesn’t mind that I blog, he just doesn’t want it to take too much time away from him. I’ll ask him occassionally if he read a post and his response is “Why do I need to read it when I lived it?” Whatever. I do find, though, that I much more enjoy reading blogs where other people post pictures of family and include real feelings and stories, which you do a great job of! I hate those blogs that are so vague about everything, calling their kids by their initial or a nickname, never posting pictures – they are so hard to relate to and empathize with. So thank you for being open and honest about your life and your feelings! Your readers appreciate it!! 🙂

    • I fel the exact same way – sometimes I don’t discuss things because my family might be reading! And I also love blogs with pictures. I try to make my blog how I would want to read someone elses blog. I think picture help break the reading up so it keeps your attention more. I also like reading peoples names and i mentioned names on my blog, except for my niece because she is a baby and doesn’t belong to me 🙂

  13. My husband is pretty supportive of my blog. He reads it every day. I blog about him and D all the time. I don’t blog about anything very personal or my personal feelings or thoughts regarding all situations in my life. Sometimes I’ll take a pic of D and she’ll say, “Don’t put that on your blog” and I respect I read the blog you wrote about your husband and I can completely understand why you blogged about it. I agree, staying home to raise children is a LOT harder than going to work every day and I think stay-at-home moms are disregarded and I don’t like it.

  14. hahaha,running, very good sport.we likes/

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