Pumpkin Farm


Danny has some time off at work to use up before the end of the year, so since the kids had the day off school yesterday, Danny took the day off too so we could take them to the pumpkin farm. I also am watching my niece in the afternoons most days now, so we just picked her up early and brought her to the pumpkin farm.

I didn’t think the pumpkin farm would be too crowded since went got there around 10 am, but I was wrong. Apparently, every other mom had the same idea I did. Luckily, it didn’t start to get too bad until we were leaving.

Baby McCutie Pumpkin Face loved the gourds the best. I think because they had little handles that she could hold. She loved that gourd and carried it around the whole time.

I got a few good pictures of the kids.

It’s actually pretty hard to get a picture with all three kids looking at the camera. When I was trying to take this picture, the sun was in Jaden’s eyes and Baby McHalloween was fascinated with The Count.

We stopped for a snack – I had a delicious apple cider donut and hot cider. We also shared a piece of Oreo fudge.

I let the kids pick out a mini pumpkin and a gourd.

We usually get our big pumpkins at the grocery store because the pumpkin farm pumpkins are so expensive.

We didn’t stay at the pumpkin farm too long because it was chilly out yesterday, but the kids had a fun time!

We got home, I had a little too much fun with the pic monkey site.

At first, I felt bad turning the baby into a vampire, then I realized that there’s a baby vampire in Twilight and that’s crazy popular, so making her a Baby McCutie Blood-Sucking Vampire will push her popularity through the roof.

I turned the kids into witches.

Yesterday’s Workout

  • Spin Class – 60 minutes
  • Fit and Tone – 60 minutes

Since Danny had the day off yesterday, I was able to go to Spin a little bit early and slowly warm up. Spin was definitely a workout, and the bottoms of my feet were cramping like crazy.

I got the bright idea to stay for the Fit and Tone Class after Spin since I missed BodyPump. Not the best idea. I was so tired – physically and mentally. My body was tired from Spin and my feet were still cramping. I was hoping that the class would focus more on strength, but it focused more on cardio.

I kind of made my way through the motions without really giving it much effort. Oh well. Next time, I won’t stay for both classes.

Questions of the day:

  • Do you go to the pumpkin farm?
  • What’s your favorite fall snack? I love apple and pumpkin donuts!
  • Any workouts or plans for today?
  • Vampires or Zombies?


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9 Responses to Pumpkin Farm

  1. Nice post! Looks like a perfect family day trip.

  2. Great pix and looks like fun! Vampires!!! And I too love apples and pumpkin bread. Made my first batch last night for Kayla to take some back to Bradley with her!

  3. Your niece is adorable and that apple cider donut looks SOOOO delicious!!!

  4. Your neice & boys are adorable! Looks like y’all had a great time 🙂

  5. OH! I also use picmonkey and I have been waiting to post our family portrait 😛 you beat me to it 🙂 lol we are also going to pick apples and pumpkins this weekend! I’m excited 🙂

    I LOVE cutie face! I had to re-read your post because I thought maybe I missed your pregnancy and having a baby girl 😉

    • Lol – no, I just watch my niece in the afternoons. Since my sister in law had a girl, I decided the pressure is off of me and I’ll just spoil her! Have fun pumpkin and apple picking!!

  6. Key Master

    Scary monsters!! They all look like my wife when I come home late.

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