Halloween Costume Flashback Part I

Are you ready for some more Halloween flashback fun?! I’ve decided to make two posts with pictures of costumes because we’ve had a lot of costumes over the years. Maybe you’ll get an idea for your Halloween costume!

Harry Potter and spider:

Joker and Bat Girl:

Witches and Warlocks:

Howie and Girl #7:

Flava Flav:

Baby Chicken:


Puppy and kitty:

Luigi riding Yoshi:

Sumo Wrestler:

Watch for Part 2 coming soon!

Do you dress up for Halloween?


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5 Responses to Halloween Costume Flashback Part I

  1. I think my favorite year was Darth Vader :)

  2. Julie

    Loved your pictures, thanks for sharing! My favorite is Howie & girl #7!

  3. Love these pictures… especially the duck & ballerina!! Hope you are having an awesome weekend :)

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