Halloween Food Flashback

Happy October!

I can’t believe that it’s October already and that means Halloween is quickly approaching. As you may know, my family is big into Halloween. Well, my dad is really. The rest of us just go along with him…

But every year, we have a Halloween food and pumpkin carving party. I thought it’d be fun to show some pictures of food that we have made in the past.

Some are cute. Some are delcious. And some are just plain gross-looking (but not bad tasting)!

Halloween cake:

Coffin cake made with red velvet cake in the inside:

Grave yard dip and deviled eggs:


Refried bean dip (only my dad could come up with this one):

Kitty litter with tootsie rolls:

Witch’s brew:

Ghost chili:

Frankenstein pudding cups:

Red velvet glass cupcakes:

Rat twinkies:

Eyeball cookies:

Toilet brownies:

Deviled eggs:

Lunch meat skeleton:

Pumpkin cheeseball:

  • Which was your favorite Halloween food?
  • Do you make any food Halloween recipes?


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18 Responses to Halloween Food Flashback

  1. Fit Minded Mom

    Oh my gosh…I don’t even know what to say about some of those foods, lol!!! Very creative but some are so gross I don’t think I could try them….like toilet brownies and kitty litter cake.

    I am going to keep the spider deviled eggs as an idea for a future Halloween party!!

  2. Michele

    Ok, this is so darn cute and when I get home I have to show my husband. He is the horror person in our family, he thinks everyday should be Halloween! Also his man cave is permanently decorated Halloween!

  3. Marlene

    what a flashback in time…..I forgot about some of these, we are a very creative and sometimes gross family!

  4. This is so fun! My family gets very into the holidays too, and we have all kinds of crazy traditions! My husband thinks it’s so strange, but after three years he’s starting to get used to it :)

  5. [email protected] Run Like a Grl

    Wow those are amazing !! Never seen such creative Halloween food before, you guys rock! Toilet brownies hahhaa

  6. These are so much fun!! haha I’m definitely not nearly as creative as some of these ideas!! I think the Cake def wins though, that is awesome!

  7. Haha I don’t think I’ve ever had “Halloween Food.” It looks good though :)

  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some of those made me want to never eat again ;) lol they looked so real. Did your dad and family make ALL of them?!?!?! so creative!

  9. morgan

    wow these are really good! The toilet brownies are so gross looking haha- but how fun.. bet the kids love these!

  10. That ghost chili is sooooooo cute! What are the ghosts made out of? My kids would love it!

  11. Key Master

    Love the great Halloween foods. what a creative family you have. Some of those are good enough for food network and others are good enough for the Horror network…awesome!

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