Pumpkin Pancakes

Yesterday’s Evening Workout

  • 3.3 miles, outside

Last night five of us biggest losers made it out to walk/run together. I’m glad that people are involved and still want to get together to workout! We ended up running about 2.5 miles and walking the last little bit.

I have been running by myself for a few years now and never really thought that I would enjoy running with someone else or a group of people. I was wrong. Running with a buddy is so much better than running alone! I guess I always just thought I was too slow and didn’t want to slow other people down, but running with other people really pushes me harder.

Yes, I still like running alone sometimes, but I look forward to the days when I can run with someone else. I’d run with Danny, but he’d be going at a turtle’s pace if he had to run with me :)


Breakfast this morning was a good one! I’ve been dying for some pumpkin pancakes, but since I am still writing down what I eat and watching my calories, I wanted a pumpkin pancake recipe that wasn’t too high in calories. This morning’s pancakes were flavorful, pumpkiny, and low in calories.

Lower Calorie Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pancakes    Makes: 2 pancakes


  • 1/3 c. pancake/waffle mix
  • 1/4 c. pumpkin
  • 1/2 tbsp. chocolate chips
  • approx. 1/3 c. water (depending on how thick you like your pancakes)
  • 1 tbsp. lite syrup (optional)

Calories (without syrup): 195 cal.          Calories (with syrup): 220 cal.

The pancake and waffle mix usually calls for an egg and oil, but I substituted with the pumpkin. I also didn’t add too much water because I like my pancakes on the thicker side.

I will definitely be eating these pancakes for a few mornings in a row.

Today’s Workout

  • 2 miles, treadmill
  • Step Class – 60 minutes

After my workout this morning, I treated myself to McDonald’s coffee. Yes, I have my own coffee and coffeemaker at home, but there’s just something about McDonald’s coffee that I love.

In other news, I signed up the Hot Cocoa 5k in October:

I signed up to get that sweet fleece jacket…and to run, of course.

Questions of the day:

  • Do you like pumpkin pancakes?
  • What do you to top your pancakes with?
  • What was the last thing that you treated yourself to?


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15 Responses to Pumpkin Pancakes

  1. I have not yet ran with anyone else except for my boyfriend for the mudrun. I really should give it a try, but honestly I don’t know anyone in my area that runs. I need to make friends…. :[ one friend said she’d run with me but she lives 30 minutes away…I need to find running buddies!!

  2. Charmaine

    Yum! Pumpkin Pancakes! I have tried pancakes from the “Run Eat Repeat” blog and they are yummy! Will have to try these too!!

  3. Fit Minded Mom

    I used to have the best running buddy but we moved to another town and I lost her. It was great though because we both ran at the same pace(10 minute mile) so we never had to feel bad about going too fast or slow for one another.

    Pumpkin Pancakes=LOVE!! I bought two cans yesterday so I need to make something with them ASAP!!

  4. I love pumpkin pancakes, I make them with the whole wheat flour and add a cup of oats when I make them for the family…so good. I have been running for eight years and I can count on two hands how many of those have been alone, if I didn’t have my runner girls, I would never make it most days. We chat and the time and miles fly by. Some of my closest friends have been made through the run. Ending with coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin is always a plus too :) Happy Friday!!!!

  5. Love pumpkin pancakes!! If you have an almost empty nut butter jar, break up your pancakes & throw them in there. Delicious!

  6. Amy

    I going to have to try this recipe out

  7. I love pumpkin pancakes/waffles from Williams and Sonoma. I love real butter and maple syrup on top. I recently treated myself to a manicure.

  8. Paul

    I just made pumpkin pancakes for the first time recently. I used pumpkin pie spice instead of actual pumpkin. They came out very pumpkiny and I loved them. Plus, the spice is less than 6 calories per teaspoon and it is so flavorful that you don’t need much spice at all.

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