Saladworks and Red Mango

Yesterday’s Evening Workout

  • Cardio Dance Class – 45 minutes

Today’s Workout

  • 12 minutes elliptical
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

Post workout, I had a chocolate covered strawberry thinkThin bar. Yum!

A few days ago, my stepmom texted me to tell me that they have pumpkin spice frozen yogurt at Red Mango now. So, of course, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. After the gym, I called my brother up to try to convince him and my sister-in-law to meet me for frozen yogurt.

Lucky for him, he agreed to meet me.

Since Saladworks is right next door to Red Mango, we decided to go there for lunch first. I have been wanting to try Saladworks, so it worked out perfectly.

I did the make your own salad. I started with romaine lettuce and added cucumbers, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, apple slices, and walnuts. You get to pick five toppings and anything else costs extra. I originally got salsa ranch dressing on the side. Then I saw they had pumpkin vinaigrette, so I decided to try that out too.

The salad was more on the expensive side – $10. But let me tell you, that pumpkin vinaigrette totally made it worth it. I was a little nervous to try it, because even though I love pumpkin, I didn’t know if I would love pumpkin dressing, but it was the best dressing that I’ve ever had. I even took the leftover dressing home with me to eat later. It was delicious.

My brother had the buffalo bleu salad, and my sister-in-law had a make your own southwest salad. The salads are big, so at least you feel like your getting your money’s worth.

I didn’t like the roasted red peppers very much, but the rest of my salad was perfect. I would definitely go back to Saladworks…but maybe on payday.

After our salads, we went next door to Red Mango for the pumpkin spice fro-yo.

Sadly, I wasn’t a big fan of the pumpkin spice flavor. It was a little too tart for me. Instead, I went with pomegranate and vanilla fro-yo with a ton of toppings.

This little lady loves her fro-yo:

It was quite a delicious afternoon!

Tonight, I have plans to meet up with my biggest loser group to run. The weather is getting chilly, so I’ll have to find some layers to run in.

Questions of the day:

  • What do you run in during chilly weather? I used to just run on the treadmill.
  • What’s your favorite restaurant?
  • Favorite salad dressing? Favorite salad topping?


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17 Responses to Saladworks and Red Mango

  1. I like putting hummus and feta on my salads- I use the hummus as my dressing. I have way too many favorite restaurants to only pick one!

  2. My husband thinks it’s weird, but I love salads that have a mix of cold and warm. For example, having a base of spinach and cold raw veggies, topped with grilled chicken and a few roasted veggies (warm). I love the contrast!

    I’ve never heard of Saladworks . . . I’ll have to keep my eye out for it.

  3. Red Mango is coming to Deer Park Mall! I’m so excited!!! My favorite restaurant is Mago in Arlington Heights.

  4. Melissa Woollard

    My fav salad topping would have to be blue cheese!

  5. Love saladworks, but completely agree about it being on the expensive side. I used to eat it almost everyday back in HS and fresh outta HS. It put a dent in the pocket, well the parents @ the time haha.

    Sorry about not enjoying the pumpkin yogurt as much 🙁

  6. Michelle

    I love veggies, sunflower seeds, and a light organic dressing!

  7. Am I the only one that doesn’t really like froyo? I’ll take ice cream 🙂

  8. My favorite salad dressing is blue cheese but I can’t remember the last time I actually ate it. It is too high in fat and calories so has to be enjoyed in moderation!!

    What are we calling chilly running weather? Anything under 50 degrees and I am probably doing my workouts indoors instead. If I do run outside I usually just wear a long sleeve cold gear shirt because I feel too bulky with lots of layers.

  9. Now I have to go to Red Mango for the pumpkin!! I’m obsessed with pumpkin yogurt yummm!

  10. I haven’t tried Red Mango, is it better than Yogali?

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