Such a creative title, huh? I bet you have no idea what this post is going to be about.

A couple of weekends ago, my dad talked about inviting us over to watch football and eat chili…except he didn’t really do it. Thanks, Dad.

Well, all the talk about chili got Danny in a chili mood, so I decided to be an awesome wife and make chili for him.

I have never made chili before, and was kind of nervous about making it because of its long list of ingredients. I tend to usually stick to easy recipes without too many ingredients. But I googled “best chili recipe” and found this recipe, which I made.

I did make a few changes – I didn’t use cumin, and added a little bit more chili powder instead. I also added a can of Bush’s chili beans, because this recipe didn’t have any beans in it. I always assumed that all chili had beans in it, but apparently in Texas it’s a big no-no to put beans in chili. That’s what I read anyway. Kind of like it’s a big no-no to put ketchup on a Chicago hot dog. Silly food rules, being all crazy. 🙂

The thing that intimidated me the most was the garlic. I have never used fresh garlic before, so I watched a YouTube video on how to cut garlic.

The YouTube guy made it seem so nice and easy that I wasn’t worried about it…until I actually went to work with the garlic. In the video, he cut the bottom of the garlic off so nicely. My garlic end wouldn’t cut off easily, and I almost sliced my fingers off a few times. Then he took the knife and smacked the garlic to make the bulbs fall out nicely. Yeah, not so much with my garlic. No bulbs fell out and I just made a giant mess. Luckily, I finally got the garlic cut, peeled, and chopped.

I invited my mom, Debbie – a family friend, my brother, sister-in-law, and niece over for a chili tasting party. I even made a nice little chili topping station.

I made corn bread muffin (yes, in Spongebob liners) and my mom made awesome cheesy bread.

Everyone said that the chili came out delicious – and I’ll have to take their word for it because I don’t eat chili. But I had to save a little for my dad to try or it would have all been gone, so they must have actually liked it.

I bought a Greek yogurt banana smoothie squeeze pouch for my niece to eat. They should make those for adults too.

She repaid me by squeezing it all over my pants. Isn’t she sweet?

After dinner, I had chocolate cake and cookies for dessert. Someone was a little mad that all her cake was gone. But that’s okay because milk makes everything better.

I also opened the pumpkin spice Hershey kisses while everyone was over, and they were so good – very pumpkiny. I expected them to be chocolate too, but they weren’t. They were all yummy pumpkin.

My brother also bought pumpkin spice kisses recently and came up with the brilliant idea of throwing one into his coffee. Genius, I tell you.

So, this morning, I did the same. I put one pumpkin spice kiss into my empty coffee cup, and brewed pumpkin spice coffee over it. Extra added pumpkin deliciousness.

Now that’s the perfect way to start the morning!

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


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14 Responses to Chili

  1. I will have to try those pumpkin kisses. Our local Whole Foods has a chili cook off. Different departments compete against each other. Customers come in and sample about 7-8 different kinds of chili, including vegan and seafood varieties. Then we vote! I personally love Chili Mac.

  2. Good Ol’ Texas chili, huh!! I have been born and bred in Texas and I definitely add beans to mine!! Of course, like you I am not a big meat eater so I like to add the beans for more substance. Looks like you did good……at least from the picture:-)

    Pumpkin kisses in a cup of pumpkin coffee= Awesome idea!!

  3. The chilli really was awesome! Next time you need to make more! I am glad the pumpkin kisses in coffee idea made the blog!

  4. I put Bushes baked beans in my chili! I wouldn’t like chili without beans. My mother-in-law throws a tootsie roll in her coffee. I tried it once but it didn’t melt or anything… The Hershey kiss is a good idea! My friend used to put whipped cream in her coffee- that’s something I really loved!

  5. I haven’t seen those pumpkin kisses. I’ll have to see if my stores are carrying them. Sounds yummy!!

  6. gkennington

    Holy moly, pumpkin kisses??? Sounds amazing! And I always put beans in my chili, even if you’re “technically” not supposed to, and so does my mom. Sounds like your chili was a hit!

  7. Oh my – Now that you’ve discovered fresh garlic, you’ll never go back. I put fresh garlic in EVERYTHING! It makes the flavor so much better. And if you buy a nice garlic press, you don’t have to worry about how to chop it up. So easy!

  8. It’s getting to be chili weather! 🙂

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  10. Key Master

    Chili tip…always make twice as much as you’ll use in a day. it taste great when reheated and the boys will love you for the left overs…even though you may not love them when those beans kick in. hehehe

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