Peanut Butter > Carrot Juice


Happy Friday! Today’s breakfast was so delicious. I had Kashi oatmeal topped with peanut butter and fresh raspberries.

I don’t think I have ever had oatmeal topped with peanut butter before, and I don’t know why it took me so long to try it – it was amazing! I’m pretty sure that peanut butter makes everything better.

After the kids went to school, I went to Mariano’s Fresh Market to get some groceries. I wore my jean jacket.

It makes me feel awesome…and slightly 80’s.

The guy at the juice bar asked me if I wanted to try some carrot juice. Sure, why not?

Carrot juice tastes exactly like a carrot…except in juice form. Go figure. I bought apple cider instead.

After I came home and put the groceries away, I ran out to a local running store to pick up our race packets for tomorrow.

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but Danny is running the 5k also. My dad and stepmom are coming to the race to show support and to watch the kids. I am so lucky to have such a close and supportive family.

Then, I stopped by Target where these little guys found their way into my cart.

I saw them on Suzanne at Fit Minded Mom’s blog a few days ago, and I have been thinking about them ever since. However, I am not going to try them until after my final weigh-in tomorrow. Then I’ll probably eat the whole bag…okay, not really. Hopefully, they’re as delicious as they look.


Lunch today was a salad from the Mariano’s salad bar. I topped mine with veggies, a little fruit, and some crab for a little protein.

I also had a Chobani Champions yogurt.

Tomorrow, I have to meet for our final Biggest Loser weigh-in at 6 am. Then the 5k is at 8 am. My shoulder is still bothering me and the pain actually seems to be starting in my upper back and radiating to my shoulder. I am going to try my hardest at the race tomorrow and do what I can. I’ve never been this nervous for a race! After the race, they will be announcing the Biggest Loser winners. I definitely didn’t win (or planned to) so I am very excited to see who won!

Questions of the day:

  • Have you ever put peanut butter in your oatmeal?
  • Favorite candy?
  • What was your last injury?

Have a great weekend!


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10 Responses to Peanut Butter > Carrot Juice

  1. Nut butter on my oatmeal??? Everyday. Every. Day. I love it. Almond or Peanut butter . . . whatever I’m in the mood for. Actually, the only time I haven’t used one of the two, I used coconut butter instead. Which was still amazing. Welcome to this wonderful new world!!!

  2. I love PB & AB in my oatmeal. So good! Chocolate is my favorite! I’m pretty much always injured. I tend to hurt my back a lot when I work out.

  3. I almost never eat my oats without some sort of nut butter in it. Hence, why I only eat overnight oats when I have a left over nut butter jar, lol! You said it though….PB makes everything better!!

    Let me know how you like the pumpkin spice Kisses because I am dying to try them. I picture myself dipping them into my pumpkin spice coffee!!!

    Good luck with the race tomorrow!! I hope your shoulder/back doesn’t act up too much. Maybe talk the hubby into massaging that area to see if it loosens it up or works out a pinched nerve.

  4. runnergirl4jc

    Peanut butter on oats is my favorite bfast! Good luck tomorrow. Remember running is 75% mental…think I can, and don’t give up! Then eat some pumpkin spice kisses -yum. My favorite candy is skittles.

  5. I used to put PB in my oatmeal all the time, but I realized that I was really overdoing it. I measure it out now to be sure I’m not heaping it on. I also try to vary my oats add-ins. My favorite candy used to be something chocolatey, but I’ve been loving more fruity treats now (even though I know they’re fake!) like Skittles, Twizzlers, and Starbursts!

  6. I love throwing PB or AB into my oatmeal….or walnuts and banana. Delish! I’m so excited about the new Mariano’s! We went there tonight to pick up dinner.

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