Apple Pumpkin Waffle Sandwich

Yesterday afternoon (after the Bears won!) we went to Heritage Days in a nearby town. It consisted mostly of food, music, a flea market, a carnival, and stuff for the kids to do. Here’s a few pics:

Afterwards we stopped by a new to us farmers market:

Unfortunately, we got there right before they were closing and most of the good produce was gone. I got two lemons and the kids both picked out an apple. Next time, I’ll have to go earlier in the day.


So, it seems like I can’t stop buying k-cups! But it’s not my fault that they come out with the best flavors during the fall season.

And really, what’s better that enjoying a hot cup of butter toffee coffee on a cool crisp fall day?

I wasn’t a huge fan of the mocha k-cups from Dunkin Donuts, so when I saw that Target had their k-cups on sale with a $5 gift card for buying two boxes, I couldn’t resist. I won’t need to be buying anymore for a while.


I came up with another great way to try out the pumpkin butter – a wafflewich!

I used two Van’s multigrain Belgian waffles and spread them with about a tablespoon of pumpkin butter. Then I sliced thin pieces of apple and added them to the waffle. Put the two waffles together, and you have an apple pumpkin butter waffle sandwich!

Biggest Loser

Only about five more days until the Biggest Loser is over. I don’t expect to lose too much weight at the final weigh-in. My scale has been kind of stuck lately. I keep gaining and losing the same two pounds. I think I’ve hit a plateau and can’t seem to lose any more weight (I’m sure my weekend eating isn’t helping).

My goals this week are to:

  • eat as healthy as I can and try not to eat a lot of sugar
  • workout daily (no problem there!)
  • eat most of my carbs during the day rather than at night
  • drink lots and lots of water (I am usually pretty good about this)

Questions of the day:

  • Have you ever hit a weight plateau? How did you start losing weight again?
  • Do you have any goals this week?
  • Favorite coffee? Favorite breakfast?


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11 Responses to Apple Pumpkin Waffle Sandwich

  1. Michelle

    I’m stuck as we speak…Gained nearly 10 lbs while training for this marathon, and have lost 5, but stuck with the other five! HELP! My goals are to finish my 20 miler strong on Sunday!!

  2. Have you ever had Intelligentsia Coffee? They are a Chicago company . . . so amazing! My husband and I love it, and always make time to stop into one of their shops whenever we go into the city.

  3. Heather you don’t need to lose anymore weight. You look great!

  4. susie

    That waffle sandwich looks really good!

  5. You seem to have all kinds of fun family activities to enjoy in your community!!

    I need to hit up Target tomorrow since the K Cups are on sale. The $5.00 gift card will definitely be spent because I am always at Target as is!!

  6. Marlene

    one of my favorite coffee’s is Butter Toffee from Gloria Jeans!
    goal this week….not to open the candy corn oreo’s, until there are many people around:) my real goal this week, add a little more distance to one of my runs.

  7. LOVE my keurig! Have you tried the pumpkin spice k-cups? AMAZING.

  8. Lori

    Hi I’m from the Rockford area would you mind telling what town had a farmers market on a Sunday? It seems like they are usually on Saturday which is difficult for me to get to because of work. I enjoy your blog and seeing all the local places you go to because Iam so close.

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