Yesterday’s Workout

  • Bike ride outside – 50 minutes – miles?

Yesterday when I left the house to go on a bike ride, this was sitting on my front porch:

A case of Chobani Champions yogurt! A while back, I won this on Molly’s Lunch Box‘s blog, and it came yesterday! For dinner, Jaden tried the honey nana flavor and Jacob had the chocolate chunk. Jaden wasn’t the biggest fan of it, so he gave it to Jacob to finish. Then Jacob wanted to try the orange vanilla flavor. So, if you’re keeping track, that’s half a yogurt for Jaden and two and a half yogurts for Jacob.

They have been building a Mariano’s Fresh Market near us forever, and it finally opened, so after dinner, Danny, the kids, and I decided to go check it out.

Mariano’s is kind of like Whole Foods meets a normal grocery store meets decent prices.

I love that they had fun carts for the kids.

I like when stores have things for kids to play with because my kids don’t behave in the store. They just get bored. And I don’t blame them. I remember when we were little, and my mom would take my brother and I clothes shopping with her. She would tell us to sit nicely on the floor while she shopped. But did we? No. We hid in the clothes racks and collected the little plastic size tags from the hangers.

And that was before electronics – iPods, Nintendo DS, Playstation Portables. Man, how did we survive?

I really loved Mariano’s. To me, it was close to Whole Foods quality but with prices that were actually affordable.

They had a smoothie counter, a deli, a cheese and meat section, a bulk section, a salad bar, a bakery, and a hot foods bar. Plus, the regular grocery section.

The bulk section was awesome. I wanted to try so many things and ended up getting tiny amounts of a few items. Three peanut butter covered pretzels. Check. Seven chocolate covered almonds. Check. One tablespoon of granola. Check.

I also got these dried mango flavored pineapple strips, which unfortunately, were not good. Uncheck.

I didn’t check the ingredients before I bought them, and I didn’t realize that they had so much sugar. They tasted like they were rolled in sugar, baked in sugar, and then sprinkled with sugar. Blah.

I also picked up this pumpkin butter, which I am excited to try. It was on sale, and the last one on the shelf, so I figured that it must be good.

I’m not sure how to eat it? On toast? In oatmeal? Have you ever had pumpkin butter? How do you eat it?

The best part of Mariano’s? Fruit Loop donuts for only $1 each.

Don’t worry, I didn’t get one. Actually, I’m not much of a fruit loop fan. But Mariano’s did have an amazing bakery. I can’t wait to go back when I have a little bit more time to look around, preferably during the day because it was very crowded last night.


Breakfast this morning was overnight oats. Yum!


  • Stretching – 12 minutes
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • Zumba – 30 minutes

I had some company at the gym this morning.

My sister-in-law, Crystal, came to take Zumba with me while my brother worked out in the fitness center. However, we only made it about half way through Zumba because Baby McCutie decided that she wanted nothing to do with the kid’s room and much rather hang out with mommy and Auntie Heather instead. I don’t blame her.

Instead, we went to Dunkin Donuts.

I had coffee and more oatmeal. And I bought some mocha k-cups to try.

After a while of sitting and talking, we started eyeing the delicious looking pumpkin donuts. Since we all just worked out, we didn’t want to eat pumpkin donuts, so we got the brilliant idea of buying one donut and splitting it three ways, so at least we got to taste the pumpkiny goodness.

Actually, we split it four ways because Baby McCutie Pumpkin Face needed some too.

Questions of the day:

  • What grocery store do you shop at the most?
  • Have you ever had pumpkin butter? Pumpkin donuts?
  • Any plans this weekend?


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18 Responses to Mariano’s

  1. Isn’t Mariano’s great?!? I can walk to the one in our neighborhood! A lot of the produce I buy and/or talk about on the blog is from Mariano’s. I really like that they bring in some local produce, and they have a decent amount of organic options, too.

    Pumpkin butter is sooooo good. Trader Joe’s sells some that I really like. But I usually like anything with pumpkin! 🙂

  2. I tried pumpkin butter a few years ago and it wasn’t for me. I think I tried it on toast. I don’t like raw pumpkin either. I do, however, love pumpkin flavored treats (as in that donut looks delicious!).

  3. We don’t have a Mariano’s in Austin, we have Central Market, which is a more organic upscale H-E-B, but I wouldn’t say that the prices are exceptional. Randall’s (aka Safeway in other parts of the country) is the only thing that compares to HEB for price around Texas, imo.

  4. I love my Marianos. There deli, hot bar, and salad bar is the best. I adore their cookies and cupcakes, too. Amazing customer service!

  5. I really love Woodmans! Out by me there are no choices so I always have to drive to grocery shop. Woodmans is great and terrific prices. I also like Aldi but can’t usually get everything I need there. Those pumpkin donuts looked good and great idea to split one! Only plans are a concert tomorrow night-Mötley Crüe and Kiss!!!

  6. I love the honey nana flavor of the Chobani champions but it is hard to find around here.

    I have got to find a way to get my hands on the Dunkin Donut K Cups. They have the best coffee!!

  7. I LOVE pumpkin butter! And pumpkin donuts, oh my goodness, please don’t tempt me with that. It looks delicious. I love pumpkin ANYTHING!! In fact, at this very moment, I am drinking a pumpkin beer that I found at Kroger, which is my favorite grocery store. (Totally boring, I know, but it’s like a mile from my house and I love the fuel points)!! 🙂

  8. Dunkin Donuts are amazing. Haven’t been in ages!

  9. Amy

    Pumpkin Donuts sound so good.

  10. I’m SO excited that you got the Chobani Champions!!! Have Jaden try the Verry Berry. That is the most requested one here with our 3 kids.

    For the Pumpkin Butter….I usually toast a piece of whole grain bread, put a little bit of whipped cream cheese on it and then the pumpkin butter. YUM! Also, my kids like it with pancakes instead of syrup. Oh, and I made a dessert for a party with it. 1 brick of cream cheese, pour pumpkin butter on top and serve with graham crackers. It’s like pumpkin cheese cake deconstructed. ☺

    ps – Dunkin KCups are totally worth it.

  11. I have never heard of pumpkin butter. And all this pumpkin talk is making me crazy!!! We don’t have “fall” in Phoenix but I LOVE fall..too bad I have to travel hundreds of miles to experience it. It just feels wrong to eat pumpkiny stuff in 100* weather! 🙂

  12. I am so glad you loved it. now you can understand why I drive so far to go there. Also their pizza (margettia (sp?) is amazing

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