Alphabits are Delicious

There’s a reason why I dont’s usuallybuy Alphabits. Because they’re so delicious, and I could eat the whole box. But I did buy them yesterday, and when Jacob was eating them for breakfast this morning, I just couldn’t help myself.

Luckily, I was able to stick to the one cup serving size with a little bit of unsweetened almond milk. And I figured at least I’d burn them off during BodyPump. I read somewhere that it’s better to indulge in a treat earlier in the day rather than later in the day so you have time to burn it off. Who knows? I like treats all the time.

Jaden had smiley face pancakes for breakfast this morning.

Today’s Workout

  • Treadmill – 15 minutes
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • Elliptical – 20 minutes

I did a little bit more cardio than normal this morning because Jacob has a curriculum night at school tonight, so I will be missing my Biggest Loser workout. Originally, Danny was going to go to the curriculum night so that I could go to the nutrition class and 5k prep, but it’s supposed to storm here all afternoon, so I’m not sure if they’re even going to have the 5k prep. Plus, I figured that the curriculum night was more important.

I planned on doing a little bit longer on the elliptical today but the park district is having the gym floors redone, so the whole fitness center smelled like fumes, which was making me woozy. So, then they opened all the doors in the building to help with the fume smell, but it’s hot here today, so the gym started to get humid. I just gave up and left.

I went shopping instead. (I think Danny dreads those words).

I have been waiting for the fall scented candles to come in at Bath and Body Works. Even though it’s 90 degree weather here, I like to pretend that it’s fall weather so I can buy fall-scented candles.

I had such a hard time choosing two of the medium size candles, so I just bought two mini candles also. Luckily, they were all on sale, and I had a coupon. I love all things autumn related. Fall smelling candles, soaps, cooler weather, pumpkins, apples, crunchy leaves, hot cocoa…

Post workout I had an Atkin’s cranberry almond bar. These bars are delicious and have 10 grams of protein!

Living Social has $10 Starbucks e-cards for only $5 today! You better believe that I bought one of those. Great deal!

Questions of the day:

  • Do you like candles? Favorite scents?
  • What’s your weather like today?
  • Favorite cereal?


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31 Responses to Alphabits are Delicious

  1. wow–I have to say that the Atkins bar actually looks really good! I might have to try one of those! Are the ingredients pretty “clean”?

  2. I’m in the same weather as you, and I have to say, I’m sick of it! I normally appreciate summer, but not this one, it was horrible! I cannot wait for fall and for it to cool down so I can start wearing jeans and boots again.
    I love most cereals. If it were up to me, I’d only keep healthy ones in the house (because I’m bad at only having one portion). My husband likes to buy Lucky Charms and Frosted Flakes (which I didn’t try for the first time until recently), so I’ll sometimes eat those as well.

  3. Super Why is on the box, lol! That is one of my son’s favorite shows to watch. I LOVE kid cereal!!!~ Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cookie Crisp, ect. I try to stick to Cheerios and Kashi because I can handle myself around those.

    As far as Fall weather I am SO ready for it. It is still 100 degrees here today and I am tired of being hot the second I walk out the door.

  4. susie

    I love the smiley face pancakes:) I received a Bath & Body coupon in the mail. I need to use it, there is one by my office, 2 minutes away. My favorite scent is peachy but i love about 20 scents.

  5. Love candles but my husband does not like the scented kind!! I got the Starbucks deal today too!!

  6. i ONLY buy fall candles!! My favorite ones are PUMPKIN scented, from Yankee Candle!

  7. Okay we could be twins today ha! I bought those cranberry bars this afternoon while getting the rest of the weeks goods…I saw them on here and hadto try them. I have the foam soap from B&BW in every Fall scent along with all the wallflowers. I have a banana nut bread and cobbler on the porch (Gold Canyon) candles burning tonight. Fall kicks off Sept 1st in this house 🙂 I have cornstalks & pumpkins from our garden already on the front porch…just needs some mums. To top it off I bought the Starbucks deal this morning after our early morning run and pumpkin spice latte…gotta keep em coming!!! FALL ROCKS!!!!!!!

  8. summer9135

    We could be twins today! I grabbed a box of the cranberry bars while getting groceries this afternoon, after I saw them here, I had to give them a try. I have already hit Bath & Body Works and have wallflowers in every room with the Fall scents and hand soaps in every type of pumpkin. Cornstalks and pumpkins from our garden are on the front porch..just waiting on mums 🙂 and got the Starbucks deal after having the seasons first pumpkin spice latte following our early morning run this morning. Gotta keep em comin! FALL ROCKS!!!!

  9. I just picked up a bunch of Bath and Body Works stuff too. I’m SO happy its fall 🙂 I love any fall scents and anything pumpkin flavored!

  10. I think I’d rather have the pancakes 😉

  11. What store did you find the Alphabits at? I’m looking for them for my students to review ABCs.

    I love the fall scents and also the balsam pine ones around Christmas time. My favorite cereal is Life and any type of granola. Can’t resist!

  12. I LOVED Alphabits when I was a kid but I can’t find them in the stores here. Boo! I’m jealous of your tasty, sugary breakfast treat.

  13. Everytime I see one of your atkin bars, they sound even better. I’m really debating about purchasing some in my next vitacost order once we get home from vk. Are they filling?

  14. sweetlybalanced

    My favorite candles are definitely anyhing vanilla, cupcake, cookie scented!!
    For cereal, my all time favorite is cheerios plan with no milk

  15. runnergirl4jc

    I love kid cereal!! My David is probably Fruity Pebbles or Reseed Puffs. I don’t buy it though cause I eat half the box in one meal. I love “healthy” cereal too. I was wondering what is curriculum night? I’m a K teacher and was just wondering. 🙂

    • Curriculum night is just a night where the parents can learn about what the kids will learn during the year and ask questions to the teachers. Kind of just like a information night.

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