Daddy Daughter Dinner

Yesterday’s Workout

  • 6.45 miles – treadmill
  • 15 minutes stretching

Yesterday morning when I went to the gym, I only planned on running about 3 miles to get ready for my 5k in a couple of weeks. But I felt really good, so I ended up completing a little over 6 miles. I really feel that since starting the Biggest Loser program that my running has began to improve, and I am hoping to PR at the upcoming 5k.

Running is a struggle for me and it always has been. I enjoy it, I’m just a very slow runner. But since starting the 5k prep with the other Biggest Loser contestants, I have really begun to push myself. Before whenever things felt too tough, I would give up. My mind always quit before my legs. Now, I try to really push myself.

I still have very tight calves which cause problems, but I wear calf sleeves, foam roll, and use the massage stick.

Daddy Daughter Dinner

Back in May, my dad gave me this card as a 30th birthday present.

A lobster or crab leg dinner at any restaurant I wanted! Awesome! So, yesterday was the day that I redeemed the card for my birthday dinner with just me and my dad.

We went to Bob Chinn’s seafood restaurant in Wheeling, Illinois.

We started out with mai tais because my dad said they are awesome, plus you get to bring the cool tiki cup home.

We also had some delicious garlic rolls. Talk about garlic – if you love garlic then you’d love these rolls.

Next came the best part of the night – crab legs!! This is only my second time having crab legs, and they were every bit as awesome as I remember. Actually, these crab legs were better than the crab legs I had at Joe’s Crab Shack.

The crab legs with the butter is so amazingly delicious. I actually had to help my dad finish his crab legs.

It was a very nice dinner, and I’m glad that I was able to have a dinner alone with my dad. We see each other a lot, but rarely do we spend time alone with just the two of us.

When we left Bob Chinn’s, my dad saw a SuperDawg drive-in restaurant next door. He was very excited about it. I, on the other hand, have never heard of SuperDawg in my life. Apparently, it’s a popular restaurant in Chicago.

After a delicious dinner, we met Danny and the kids at Bamboo Spoon for some frozen yogurt. The weekend isn’t complete without a little fro-yo.

They had pistachio fro-yo!

Today’s Workout

  • Workout with the Biggest Loser contestants – approx. 50 minutes

We didn’t have a Biggest Loser workout today since it’s Labor Day, but about eight of us met up this morning to workout together anyway. We did a little bit of cardio and we all brought our own weights so we could do some strength training.

After working out, I picked up Danny and the kids, and we met my dad and step-brother for breakfast. I had cottage cheese, peaches, toast….and one of Jaden’s chocolate chip pancakes. I know that I have been eating out a lot this weekend, but tomorrow is back on track.

After breakfast, Danny and I went to get new phones. We weren’t planning to get smart phones, but somehow that’s what we ended up with. Darn salespeople…

Actually, it will be very nice to have a smart phone. And now I feel like I am part of 2012 instead of 2004 with my old school phone.

Later this afternoon, we’re going over to my brother’s house for a cookout! Have a great Labor Day!


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7 Responses to Daddy Daughter Dinner

  1. You were in my neck of the woods!! On restaurant row! Isn’t Bob Chinn’s delicious? I love seafood, and they tend to do a great job with it. Glad you had fun with your Dad! 🙂

  2. I’ve only been to Bob Chinn’s once, but enjoyed it a lot. I absolutely love pistachio fro-yo. I think the three of us suburban bloggers (you, me, & MIchelle) should meet up some time! Think about it…

  3. I would be lost without my smart phone!! The only problem, they can become so addictive. I feel like I am constantly checking mine or updating twitter, facebook, ect.

    Crab legs….YUM!!! I love that you had a grownup dinner date with your dad!!

  4. Love dinner dates with my parents. I had one with mom a week ago and it was great to catch up!

  5. You & your dad are adorable!! So happy the two of you got to have a little daddy daughter date. They really are the greatest. That may be one of the biggest things I miss about leaving the states.

  6. Key Master

    Those Bob Chin mia tais are awesome!! You guys look like you had a gas. I love Bob Chins food and rolls. Looking at those photo’s makes me want to jump in my car and go there right now. You know they do have the best legs in town!!!

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