It’s Not my Fault Candy Tastes Good

Well, last night sucked. I think I ate my body weight in candy.

I ended up not going to my nephew’s football game, like originally planned. Instead, I went to my dad’s house and hung out there with my dad, brother, step-brother, sister-in-law, and niece. My dad was in Canada for 10 days and just got back.

And I got to play with this baby doll:

I know that one of my biggest problems is my sweet tooth. I love candy and sweets, and it’s something that I’m working on. I have also decided that I am a “social eater.” I do fine with my diet all day long when I’m by myself, but once it’s the weekend and I’m around family and friends, I eat like crazy. Sigh. And this weekend isn’t going to be any better. We’re going to my grandparent’s house today and there will be cake involved, and I have a special dinner tomorrow. One day at a time, one day at a time.

Today’s Workout

  • Boot Camp – 60 minutes
  • Elliptical – 33 minutes

Only one more boot camp until the Biggest Loser is over! Luckily, my gym offers boot camp year round as one of the fitness classes, so I can continue to go after the Biggest Loser is over. Today’s boot camp was tough. We had to run an obstacle course, army crawl, do push-ups and sit-ups on a stability ball, biceps and triceps with a body bar, and more.

After boot camp, I did 33 minutes on the elliptical before calling it a day. I stopped and treated myself to a McDonald’s coffee. It’s been far to long since I’ve had one.

Then I stopped at the store (story of my life) and I invested in one of these anti-puff eye rollers.

I take about a billion pictures of myself to put on the blog, and I have noticed that in all the pictures under my eyes always looks puffy. I figured that you guys didn’t want to constantly see my dark under eye circles, and since I try to avoid mirrors at all costs during the day (which is why my hair always looks so crazy), I thought I’d see if this eye de-puffer thing worked.

It better. It cost me $12.99.

Post workout breakfast in my car consisted of an Atkin’s bar and a clementine. Pretty much because I was super hungry and it was all that I had with me.

This afternoon we’re headed to my grandparents house. I’m making my orzo and spinach salad to bring with, of course. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know that I bring this dish to every single family gathering. I don’t look at it as repetitive, I look at it as my signature dish. 🙂 And I’ll keep making it until someone says enough already, Heather!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Questions of the day:

  • Does your family live close? Do you see them a lot?
  • Are there ever situations where you eat too much? Anyone else a “social eater”? Please, anyone?
  • Do you have a “signature dish” that you make?


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20 Responses to It’s Not my Fault Candy Tastes Good

  1. My signature dishes Are my cheesy potatoes and my Asian coleslaw.

  2. beautystillremains

    I always make a black bean and corn salsa for everything. I am 100% a social eater. My husband is in the military and I eat so healthy while he is gone. Once he is back I think I triple my sugar intake.

  3. Signatures have included spinach dip, ranch dip and veges, spaghetti salad and cheese platters…if I show up without them at gatherings, I hear about it! No one has ever said “stop”.

  4. I am a social eater just like you! When I’m at a restaurant or party I just can’t stop myself. I can’t figure out why this happens to me but those are the hardest places to control my eating. You’re not alone!

  5. Don’t be too hard on yourself! So you splurged . . . and today, you were right back to working out and eating healthy. It’s all about the balance. I can completely relate though–I’m a social eater, and especially if sweets are around. Because I don’t often keep sweets in the house, I know I can end up going overboard when I’m around something I really like. I try and remind myself that I don’t eat those things all the time, so there’s no need to give myself a total guilt trip over it. Another thing I do, is always offer to bring a veggie tray to get-togethers. Then I know I have a healthy option that I can enjoy in abundance, and everyone else seems to be grateful the option is there well. 🙂

    • Great advice with the veggie tray! I have to start doing that!

    • Key Master

      I almost have an identical situations this weekend as yours!! I do see my family often. Some live close and some about an hour away but we always make time for each other.
      I never eat too much. I’m very careful about it when I get in social situations. A gook trick to try is drink a lot prior to and during your visits…any drink will do.
      My signature dish is call a “JC”. Without getting into too much detail it’s a tasty dish most of my family and friends love!!!!

      Enjoy the day and don’t be too hard on yourself….candy happens.

  6. I seriously think we are food twins!!! I LOVE candy, it is my weakness. Halloween is going to be really hard for me. I am also a social eater. I swear, I have no control when I am dining with friends or eating a spread at someone’s else. I always go in with a plan and then I throw it out the door. 🙁

    Speaking of under eye circles, mine are the WORST!!! Let me know how the roller ball works.

    • I am not looking forward to Halloween! It’s so hard! And Jacob is allergic to nuts do I usually eat all the peanut butter cups and snickers! I’ll let you know about the roller ball eye thingy!

  7. My parents live about 20 minutes away so I see them a few times a month!

  8. My signature dish is german potato salad – I get asked to bring it to everything, especially in the summer! I recently started swapping most of the light mayo for fat free Greek yogurt. It’s just as good!

  9. I know you’ve mentioned before that weekends are your biggest weakness on the indulging front.. but don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s all about baby steps, and you’ll start figuring out ways to cut back. Have you thought about maybe eating something sweet and healthy before heading to your familys house, or even just out? You’ll figure it out my dear! xo

  10. I wonder if you eat more candy/sweets on the weekend when you are out, because you don’t really eat those things during the week. For me, it has helped too include some of those fun foods into my overall weekly eating. Then I don’t feel compelled to overeat on the wkends. The food doesn’t glitter anymore.

    • Thats a really good thought! Maybe I do restrict myself too much during the week. I try to have some treats during the week, but its usually an atkins caramel bar! lol! I’m going to have to test your theory! Thanks!!

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