Running, Rolling, and…Water

Yesterday’s Workout

  • Biggest Loser Workout – 60 minutes
  • 5k Prep – 28 minutes straight running

I am really going to miss all the people from the Biggest Loser when we finish the program in two weeks. Everyone is so nice and supportive and running with a group has really pushed me to run better and faster. We’ve talked about meeting up a few times to continue to work out together and hopefully everyone’s schedules will allow it. But we all know that life gets busy.

The 5k prep went really good last night. There’s a group of about 4-5 of us that stick together and encourage each other when things get tough.

While we were running last night, my toes on my right foot kept hurting. I thought it was just my shoes and tried to ignore it. But sure enough when I got home and took my shoe off, my sock was full of blood <— Gross, I know. Sorry.

Somehow, my toenail was digging into my other toe and ripped part of itself off as well as slicing my other toe open. Once again, gross, I know. Luckily, Danny helped me clean it up and put a band-aid on it. I don’t really like blood – I can handle it if I have too, but I’d rather not. I don’t pass out or anything but let’s just say I could never be a nurse.

Today’s Breakfast

I made sure to eat a decent breakfast within an hour of waking up again this morning. I had an egg white omelet with a little bit of spinach, a piece of toast with peanut butter, and a clementine. And coffee, of course. There always needs to be coffee involved. I would honestly be happy just drinking coffee all morning long, but I know that I need food to jump-start my metabolism in the mornings.

Today’s Workout

  • Foam Rolling
  • 4.4 miles outside (ran 3.3 miles, walked 1.1 miles)

This morning, I dragged out the foam roller to roll my forever tight calves.

Jaden must always be involved when the foam roller is out..or the exercise ball…or the free weights.

After Jaden went to school, I drove to a local trail to run outside (trying to stick to my goal of running outside!) Is it dumb that I drive five miles to a local trail to run?! I like this particular trail because it’s circular, is free of stop lights and cars, has a water fountain, and has each .25 of a mile marked.

I ran about 3.3 miles, stopped at my car to grab my water and camera, and walked the last mile. Then I stopped at Meijer and stocked up on Propel water.

It was on sale for .50 cents a bottle, which is awesome because they’re normally about $1.29 a bottle! When they go on sale for only .50 cents, I make sure to stock up. My favorite flavor is peach, with black cherry and grape tied for second place.

I try to limit myself to one Propel water a day. I love that it’s slightly flavored because sometimes plain water can get boring, but it also has a long list of ingredients in it:

Probably not the best for water, which is why I only drink one a day.

I have my interview at the park district later this afternoon. That means I have to dig out actual grown-up non-yoga pants. Great.

I was thinking, now that the kids are in school, I might use to free time to get my personal training certification. I already have my group exercise instructor certification through NETA, and figured I could get my personal training certification through them as well.

I have mentioned before that my gym is building a whole new giant location that will open next fall, and they will be hiring new instructors and personal trainers. So, I figured this would be the perfect time to get it because then I would be certified before the new gym opens. And I know that NETA isn’t the top #1 choice of certification but it’s accredited by the NCCA and I know that my gym accepts it.

Questions of the day:

  • What’s the worst injury you’ve had? Luckily, I haven’t had too many. The only bone I’ve ever broke was my pinky when I was a kid.
  • Do you have to wear grown-up pants, like dress pants?
  • Do you have something “healthy” that you have to try hard not to over eat? I could probably eat my body weight in fruit, but I don’t think that would be a good idea…


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14 Responses to Running, Rolling, and…Water

  1. My healthy snack is almonds and raisins. One night I ate so many, that I couldn’t even eat dinner, haha!

  2. Gigi

    Good luck today with your interview!! I have to wear dress pants to work & the first thing I do whenI get home is ditch the pants.

  3. Foam rollers are a god-send, right? I love ’em. Worst injury was ITBS after running the Chicago marathon a few years ago. It took FOREVER to get over.

    I’m with you on the overeating fruit. I can easily do that. Same though with veggies, actually. Especially crudités (carrot sticks, celery, etc. when it’s out at a party or get-together).

    And thank goodness the school where I teach is pretty relaxed with the dress code. I can pretty much wear jeans whenever I want . . . I’d prefer yoga pants, but I won’t complain. 😉

  4. I think you should totally go for the personal training certification.

  5. Have you thought about looking into Body Pump certification as well? I know you love the class and since you already have your group cert that might be an easy transition.

    I lost my pinky toe once and it took forever to heal. For two weeks, all I could wear was flip flops because if anything rubbed against the rawness I wanted to scream in pain. It hurt!!

  6. Yes, coffee must be had in the morning 🙂

  7. Michele

    Just want to wish you good luck on your interview and I really hate wearing grown up clothes. I am so lucky I can work 2 days from home in yoga pants!

  8. Great job on your miles today hunnie. I think getting your personal trainer certificate would be a GREAT idea! You’d be awesome @ it too :).

    Nut Butters.. I don’t think it’s possible to ever get enough of it throughout the day.

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