Breakfast with the Family

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Yesterday’s Workout

  • 5k Prep – Ran 25 minutes

Yesterday’s run went really good. I wore my calf sleeves and felt really good running. It helps to run in a group because it  pushes me to go faster. Only about three more weeks until the final 5k.


This morning, I met my stepmom, brother, sister-in-law, and niece for breakfast. My stepmom suggested a nearby restaurant called Dino’s Cafe.

I had never been there before, but they had a huge breakfast menu and huge portion sizes. On the specials menu, they had peanut butter crepes. I cannot tell you how bad I wanted those peanut butter crepes. But I purposely wore my workout clothes so that I could go to the gym shortly after breakfast. Also, I like to eat healthier during the week so I can splurge a little more on the weekends.

So, I didn’t order the peanut butter crepes. And I was happy that I didn’t because I knew that if I did, I would regret it and feel bad later. But don’t worry, I will go back one day for those crepes.

I ended up ordering cottage cheese, peaches, and two pieces of seven grain toast. I was really craving the carbs, so the toast left me feeling completely satisfied with my meal. And I didn’t leave the restaurant feeling overstuffed like I sometimes do.

My sister-in-law ordered banana bread french toast and my stepmom ordered bananas foster crepes. I sense a banana theme here. Both looked delicious and were huge portions.

McCutie Breakfast Face had pancakes, which I stole a couple bites of.

After eating, we sat around and talked a bit before heading our separate ways.


I was near the outdoor trail that I run at sometimes, so I just headed there instead of going to the gym. I ran/walked about 3.3 miles.

After running, I stopped at the Meijer grocery store, and they were having a 50% off the clearance price sale. I ended up getting a whole bunch of workout clothes for between $2 and $6 each. Shirts, capris, shorts, sports bras. It was awesome.

Questions of the day:

  • What’s your favorite thing to order at a breakfast restaurant?
  • What’s your favorite splurge food item?
  • What’s best deal you’ve gotten on something?


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14 Responses to Breakfast with the Family

  1. My recent try at a resturant for breakfast was red velvet pancakes in Vegas. So good but very rich !!! Baby breakfast mc cutie looked adorable in your picture!!! My normal choice is either eggs or multi grain pancakes with bananas blueberries and strawberries at burnt toast on Randall Rd.

  2. I really don’t like eating breakfast out! I prefer my homemade oatbran, and would rather go out for dinner instead!

  3. I love cheesy grits when I eat out for breakfast. I am also a big fan of a good bowl of oatmeal!

    Great deals on the workout clothes!!!

  4. I LOVE going out to breakfast. Pancakes are where it’s at! I can eat something healthy at home 😉

  5. runnergirl4jc

    Oh my goodness…peanut butter crepes! I’m obsessed with pb. I love to eat it on my oatmeal, on my pancakes, and in my ice cream. I’m jealous of your deals! I love bargains! 🙂 the best deal I’ve gotten recently is ten coupons for bag of salad. I love free food!

  6. Michelle Dragoo

    Try Mel’s diner in Geneva. Awesome!

  7. My favorite splurge is anything with chocolate! I’ve gotten great deals on summer clothes at the thrift store this year. Who knew such good stuff was there?!?!? I love to order french toast when I’m out for breakfast. I never make it at home, so it’s a real treat.

  8. Yummm, I love going out for breakfast!

  9. I don’t really enjoy eating out for breakfast actually. I’d rather have my usual smoothie, or eggs cooked @ home.

    What a great deal on the workout clothes. I’m ridiculously jealous!!

  10. I wouldn’t be able to make that healthy of a choice at breakfast. I am proud of you.

  11. I love pancakes at restaurants but I don’t order them very often. 🙁 Good for you resisting temptation. I know it’s hard but it’s worth it in the end!

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