Where’s the Water


Yesterday afternoon, Jacob had his middle school orientation. I assumed that it was for the kids and their parents, but when we got there, they said it was just for the kids and the parent’s should leave. Okay, now what am I supposed to do?

Jaden and I walked around the mall for 20 minutes and then we just hung out in the car and took pictures of ourselves.

Only six more days until school starts!

Yesterday’s Dinner

I made frozen salmon for dinner yesterday, but ended up not liking it, so I scrambled some egg whites instead and threw them in a tortilla with a bit of cheese. I was also in the mood for a salad, but sadly we don’t have many veggies in the house so I had to use what I had on hand.

My salad toppings included: carrots, red onions, and pickles. That was it. Random, but it tasted good.

In crappy news, our water heater is on its last leg. It’s leaking and we had to turn it off. NO WATER sucks. Listen here, life, we just spent $1000 on my car’s air conditioning, we don’t have money for a water heater!!! Blah. My brother-in-law knows a bit about plumbing so he’s going to come over and help replace it.

You don’t even realize how much you appreciate water until you don’t have it. And wouldn’t you know – we don’t have any bottled water in the house. Sigh. Who needs clean teeth anyway?

 Luckily, I got the brilliant idea of melting ice cubes to make water!

Then my son pointed out that I’m not really as brilliant as I think because there was a little bit of baby water left on the counter.

The 11-year old wins. At least we all have clean teeth now.

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump – 60 minutes


After Body Pump, I had a strawberry Greek yogurt and peanut butter Cheerios. I love peanut butter Cheerios. I have to really stop myself from eating five or ten bowls.

Have a wonderful Friday, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a fun giveaway!

Questions of the day:

  • Ever been without water, electricity, etc. for an extended amount of time?
  • What’s your all-time favorite cereal?
  • Any plans this weekend?


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13 Responses to Where’s the Water

  1. Sorry about the water heater! Oh the joys of home ownership! We had a broken frig years ago and went 2 days using coolers and threw away hundreds of $$ of food as well. Luckily we were renting so landlord foot the bill for frig but we were out for all the lost food. Taking Kayla back to college tomorrow. Where did summer go? She’s a college sophomore! Yikes! Good luck to Jacob starting middle school!

  2. susie

    The bottom of my water heater completely collasped spilling water everywhere. The good news was that the existing one was only 6 years old still under warranty so i was able to get a free replacement. Installation: $500.00, yikes. I must have really bad water 2 go through 2 water heaters in less than 10 years!
    Don’t be too sad when Jaden starts school….:) Wear sunglasses to hide teary eyes!

  3. When it rain, it pours, right! I am sorry to hear about the water heater, especially after the big car expense. Hopefully you can get a decent deal and not spend too much money. However, life without water is NOT good so whatever the cost, it will have to be worth it.

    I love cheerios, too!! Have you ever tried the Dulce De Leche flavor? So good!!

  4. Interesting tidbit: I don’t like cereal. Seriously–I have yet to try one I enjoy. Sure, I’ll eat it if I have to . . . but I just don’t like it. In fact, when I was younger, I used to “pretend” to eat cereal in the morning so my parents wouldn’t hound me about it. I’d take a bowl and spoon, and just laying it in the sink so they think I ate some. lol. I can’t believe I used to do that!

  5. I absolutely love Multigrain Cheerios and any type of granola. I can show some control with the Cheerios, but I have NONE with granola. I raid my mother-in-law’s pantry every time we visit her since she always keeps a stash! How terrible is that ?!?!?!

    We went 4 days without power, and it was not as bad as you would think. We used our gas cooktop to cook with and made smores. We read lots of books, hung out with neighbors, etc. We also did not have a child at that time. Thinking that might make a difference…:)

  6. how are you flushing the toilet? …can you get water from neighbors?

  7. I love your outfit in the first photo!

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