Workouts and Doctors

Yesterday’s  Workout

  • BodyPump (am)
  • Biggest Loser Stability Workout (pm)
  • 5k Prep Workout (pm)

Wednesdays are usually my long workout days. I know it’s a lot of working out for one day, so I always make sure that I eat a bit more calories and protein on Wednesdays.

The 5k prep workout went good yesterday. Doing this 5k prep workout is the first time in my life that I have ever run with other people. I am used to running completely by myelf all the time. I didn’t think I would like running with a group, but it turns out that I actually do. I think it’s a great way to push myself. I used to make excuses in my head as to why I needed to slow down and now I push myself to keep up with the others.

For yesterday’s running, we ran for 5 minutes, walked for 3 minutes, ran for 8 minutes, walked for 3 minutes, ran for 5 minutes, and then walked about 8 minutes or so. I’m hoping that by the time the finale 5k comes around in September, I will be able to run my fastest 5k.

Backing up yesterday afternoon, I had a doctor’s appointment.

The only way to keep these guys busy during my doctor’s appointment:

Back in March, I mentioned that I had blood work done at the sports doctor. It turns out that I had low iron and tested positive for ANA antibodies (not A antibodies like I originally thought). The sports doctor kind of just dismissed it, but I was still concerned so I made an appointment with my regular doctor to go over the blood test results.

I’ve had low iron before and used to take iron supplements. My doctor said that my iron was only slightly low and nothing to worry about. He said to take a women’s daily multivitamin with iron and I should be fine. They did do more blood work yesterday just to make sure everything was fine since the previous blood test was six months prior.

He said that some people test positive for ANA antibodies and it is absolutely nothing to worry about, but since I have other symptoms (nail problems, hand and finger problems in the winter) that I should make an appointment with a rheumatologist just to rule out any underlying condition. So that’s that. I make an appointment and see what happens next.


I ate breakfast before I went to the gym this morning. I had a Van’s Power Grain waffle and a clementine.

I love these Power Grain waffles because they have 10 grams of protein per two waffles.

Today’s Workout

  • 4.11 miles treadmill (ran 3 miles, walked 1 mile)
  • 10 minutes stretching


For lunch today I made a bagelwich with egg whites, provolone cheese, and raspberry preserves. I also had baby carrots and 1 cup of tomato soup. The cheese and raspberry preserves make a delicious combo.

I have been using this seedless raspberry fruit spread:

Also, I just started reading Gone Girl for Julie’s book club. I actually started reading this book before she even announced it as the book of the month, so that worked out nicely.


Questions of the day:

  • When was the last time you went to the doctor? I feel like between me and the kids, we’re always at the doctor.
  • What was your workout today?
  • What food combos do you love? I love chocolate and peanut butter.
  • Are you reading any books right now?


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8 Responses to Workouts and Doctors

  1. I had a Van’s waffle before my interview this AM. I was so glad I had time to eat breakfast, I really hate skipping breakfast! Great job on the run. Sometimes I love running with others and sometimes I love running alone. All depends on my mood!

  2. susie

    I sure hope the doctor’s office offers more than one chair, ha ha the kiddies are squished in that one chair and it was making me laugh.

    I just started reading The Secret Life of Bees. So far it’s good…

  3. Gigi

    I enjoying running with others. Like you said ,it makes you push yourself harder. I hope you get the time your shooting for in your next race.

  4. Haha I haven’t been to the doctor in at least two years. I never get sick or hurt!

  5. I hope whenever you make an appointment with the rheumatologist, you find out everything you need to know hunnie.

    This morning I did my usual 9 mile walk, and ended it with a 2 min & 10 sec plank 🙂 Now i’m sitting here eating my usual smoothie for breakfast. It’s a perfect day so far!!

  6. I need to make an appointment for a physical. The only physical I get is a the gyno.

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