National Night Out, Boot Camp, and Coffee


Yesterday afternoon, I took the kids to see the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie.

It was really cute and funny, and the kids enjoyed it. I let the kids pick out a candy at the store to bring to the movie theater. I didn’t plan on getting popcorn, but knew that I would reach for the kid’s candy if I didn’t get something for myself. So, I bought a bag of sugar-free Werther’s Original hard candies. Five pieces of candy have only 40 calories. And I’ll admit it, I did eat five of Jaden’s Sour Patch Kids. I have a serious sweet tooth.

Jacob has been very into skateboarding lately, so after the movie, I took the kids to a local skate park so they could check it out.

We actually ended up going back to the skate park later in the evening because they were having some pre National Night Out festivities. National Night Out is an event sponsored by the local police and fire departments to heighten crime awareness and just to help bring the community together. This year it’s on August 7, but a town near us was having some activities last night too.

There was free pizza, chips, drinks, popsicles, train rides, and games. The skate park was open late with a DJ, and the pool was free to get into for the night. We stayed for a couple of hours while Jacob practiced his skateboarding and Jaden danced to the music. It was a fun night.


I had Biggest Loser boot camp at 8 am this morning, and this is what I saw when I got there:

Giant beach balls! Working in teams, we had to hit the ball back and forth while running down a field without letting it touch the ground. It was a lot of fun, but today’s workout was super tough. And the fact that it was almost 90 degrees outside didn’t help either.

Some of the things we did today:

  • jogging
  • squats with a shoulder press
  • walking lunges
  • jumping jacks
  • push-ups with a partner (we had to slap high-five during our push-up)
  • sit-ups
  • bear crawl
  • triceps dips

I think I lost five pounds in sweat.


When I got home, I made the same peach oatmeal yogurt parfait that I made the other day, only this time I added fresh blueberries to the top.

I also bought this Folger’s vanilla biscotti coffee to try out.

I really liked the Folger’s caramel flavor, so I thought this one would be good too. It ended up being okay, not the greatest. I’ll finish drinking all of it, but I won’t buy it again. I’ll stick with the caramel flavor.

Later this afternoon, we’re getting together with my husband’s family. I know there will be lots of pizza involved, so I’m making a salad to bring.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Questions of the day:

  • Any plans for today?
  • If you know you’re going somewhere where there won’t be much healthy food, do you bring something?
  • Do you drink coffee? How many cups a day? I usually drink one cup a day. Sometimes two on the weekends, and I treat myself to McDonald’s sugar-free iced coffee once in a while.
  • Do you have a National Night Out in your area?


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5 Responses to National Night Out, Boot Camp, and Coffee

  1. Our national night out is next week on Tuesday! The kids in the neighborhood love it!

    I totally use your strategy of bringing a healthier food option to events. It works out better for me, and actually most people have come to expect it and look forward to it as an option amongst the other goodies.

  2. Christine Bock

    Yes, a PTA meeting.
    I always bring something, that way I know there is something I like.
    Yes, I drink coffee…espresso…hot or iced, all day, every day.
    Yes, we usually have a NNO here in Sheffield, but not this year…too many new board members and vendors to pull it together in time, so the chairman is taking the year off.

    • That’s a good idea – bringing something that you know you’ll like. I am so picky that’s why I bring a salad that I know I’ll like! Too bad about the NNO – I don’t even know if our town does one. We always go to the one in Bartlett!

  3. Fit Minded Mom

    I have never thought of bringing hard candies to the movies but that is a GREAT idea. Keeps your mouth busy and cures the sweet tooth. I don’t know what it is about the movie theater but when I go I feel like I am supposed to shovel food in my mouth.

    I have not tried the Folgers flavors for my Keurig yet. I always tend to get Green Mountain or Donut House brand. Maybe I will have to try the caramel drizzle.

    • Me too! The movie make me want to eat!   I love the Donut House coffee and the Dunkin Donuts k-cups. The caramel is really good. Let me know what you think if you try it! I wish they made more variety packs of k-cups.

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