A Sketchy Situation

A Sketchy Situation

A few day ago, I mentioned the situation we had where a stranger tried to get my kids to go into his car. Well, it turns out that our police report wasn’t the first one. There have been other reports of a man with the same description and same car trying to get other kids in his car in the surrounding area also. Scary.

And the last report was just yesterday of the man stopping two young girls to see if they wanted a ride home. So, a police detective called us, and asked if we could bring the kids into the police station to work with a sketch artist.

I wasn’t sure how much the kids could really help, since they didn’t see the man for very long, and he had a hat on. Plus, they can hardly remember what they ate for breakfast, so I wasn’t sure how much they could remember, but the detective said that any information could help.

So, last night we went to the police station with the kids. Did you know that all the police sketches are done on the computer now? Crazy. They don’t use a pencil and paper anymore, like I was expecting. Instead, they pick different body part images off the computer to make a composite.

The kids did good, and hopefully their description will help a little bit. The detective said that since there have been quite a few reports, they’re trying hard to figure out what this guy is up to and are going to be making the public aware of these creep.

I am so happy that my kids did not get anywhere near that guy’s car. Needless to say, they won’t be playing outside unless I’m out there. They understand that there are some “bad” strangers out there, but I don’t think they fully grasp what that means and what could happen.

The kids did so good at the police station, so we took them for frozen yogurt afterwards.

Jaden doing some kind of crazy half-smile:

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump


I was pretty hungry after BodyPump, so I made two pieces of toast with peanut butter, egg whites, a few blueberries, and a pineapple Chobani Greek yogurt.

I hadn’t had the pineapple flavor before today, and it was really good. I love how thick and creamy it is. When I was younger, I never used to like chunks of fruit in my yogurt, but now I love them. I love the yummy pieces of pineapple, and the plump cherries in the black cherry flavor. It almost makes you feel like your eating a dessert.

Biggest Loser

Tonight, I have another nutrition seminar for the Biggest Loser program followed by the 5k prep. I have upped my calories a bit to around 1500 daily, but my scale hasn’t budged in a while. I am pretty much stuck at one number and go up and down a few ounces every day.

I don’t think the workouts are a problem, because we are always changing up the biggest loser workouts so my body is always being challenged. My two biggest struggles are weekend eating and taking bites of the kid’s food. I always write down those bites and add up the calories, but they’re usually bites of not very healthy things – pizza crust, animal crackers, cookies, etc. Oh yeah, and I eat too much frozen yogurt.

I’m hoping that I can figure something out, so I can get the scale to move again.

Questions of the day:

  • Ever been to a sketch artist? Ever been arrested? I’m nosy….
  • Did you workout today?
  • Do you ever steal bites of your kids/husband/significant other/neighbors/stranger’s food?
  • Do you have any food struggles?


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15 Responses to A Sketchy Situation

  1. Wow, that is super scary. I am so glad your kids didn’t go with the man. I hope all the kids out there stay away. It’s so strange that he seems to be targeting 2 children at a time. Wow. Gives me chills.

  2. Michele

    I have never been arrested however I have worked with a sketch artist before there were computers. It was a requirement for a college course.
    I did not work out yet but I will be taking my dog for walk after work, I days I am forced to go in I can’t run in the mornings so I take my dog for a walk at night.
    I am so noted to steal off my kids and husbands plate but I have gotten better, I feed those little leftovers to my kids pet rats! (yuck right.. but I have to say they do make great pets)
    My biggest food struggle is seeing it on a commercial and needing to try it the next day if I haven’t had it yet. Ex….Wendy’s burgers

  3. Yikes. That’s really scary about what happened to your kids the other day. Thank goodness everything was okay.

    I saw you do Bodypump! I used to take that class all the time at my previous gym. Loved. It. My new gym doesn’t have it, and that’s okay b/c I love my new place, but if they did, I’d totally go back to those classes. They were such a fun way to strength train!

  4. Colin would probably beat me (not really) if I tried to eat his food. Logan, well everything is his these days 😛 That is soooooo scary about your kids but awesome that they could be of some help. I was followed home when I was in kindergarden but thankfully a neighbour in our community walked with me the rest of the way home once she realized….I as a child just thought she wanted to see my mom 😉

    Logan is at the age where he would go with anyone. I can’t turn my back for a second. I hope they find that guy.

    PS: I have never been arrested but I most definitely have gotten out of more tickets than one could imagine 😉

  5. That is so scary about the kids being approached by a whack a doodle!! My kids are 7 and 4 and I am constantly role playing with them regarding “stranger danger” type of situations. I sure hope the sketch helps gets this guy caught!!

  6. Just reading this post gave me such chills. It literally breaks my heart that there are so many creeps out there these days. I mean I know life isn’t all smiles & butterflies, but just leave the little kids alone. Great job to your children for being able to help out. That has to be so thrilling as a parent to see.

    Of course I worked out.. 9 miles actually. Oh & I’ll always steal a bite or two from the hubs meal if it looks good. 🙂

    • I’m glad they were able to help out too. Its horrible that it happened, but I think it shows them how serious the situation is.   Great job on 9 miles! That is awesome!!

  7. That is so terrifying. I am SO glad your kids didn’t go with that guy. I remember when I was young, probably 8 or 9, we had these awful neighbors down the street and my dad had their teenage kids arrested for whatever reason. The parents of these kids actually came around and took down our address and threatened to have my brother and I kidnapped. I can very clearly remember standing in my window as their mother shouted about how my parents were going to feel when THEIR kids were taken away. I was too young to really get what was going on, which was probably for the best, but we weren’t allowed to play outside for awhile after that. My dad even sent us away on a vacation with my grandparents until he managed to get them evicted.

  8. Amy

    That is super scary.

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