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I Eat A Lot


Last night was not a very good eating night. It was one of those nights when I just ate whatever I wanted and snacked all night long. Sigh.

It started out at Jason’s Deli.

We went to Jason’s Deli a couple of years ago when they first opened near us. Then, I kind of forgot about them until Hungry Runner Girl mentioned them on her blog, so we decided to go there last night. I had a Mediterranean veggie wrap with chips and salsa.

And Jaden’s pizza crust. And ice cream…x3. Hey, those ice cream dishes are tiny, and its free. How can you pass up free ice cream?

Danny had a meatball sub:

From there it was all downhill. Candy from the gas station. Cereal. A late night popcorn run. I realize that I had a bad night, and will try harder to stop myself in the future when I know it’s going to be a night when I just want to continue eating all night. Sometimes I am okay having a small treat, like half a cookie the other night, and other times, I keep snacking. Tomorrow is another day.

We’re watching Baby McCutie Apple Juice Face for the weekend, so she got to eat at Jason’s Deli too.


How did I start out my day of being back on track with healthy eating? By going to McDonald’s. Geesh. But we did walk there – it’s 2.5 miles there and back.

And I tried to eat as healthy as a I could. I had a fruit and yogurt parfait without the granola (120 calories) and a medium coffee with three cream and three Splenda (60 calories).

I plan on sticking to my calorie count for the rest of the day and eating as healthy as possible.

Questions of the day:

  • Do you ever have days when you’re super snacky? How do you turn your snack switch off?
  • How do you drink your coffee? At home, I use one tbsp. of natural bliss cream and one truvia packet.
  • Any plans for this Sunday?




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