Kickboxing Jam

Chobani Winner

#12 – Darbi I love anything orange….so the Blood Orange!

Congrats, Darbi! Please email your shipping address to asap.

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Yesterday’s Workout

  • Kickboxing Jam class – 60 minutes

Since I wasn’t able to make it to the gym yesterday morning, I decided to try out a new class at my gym last night – kickboxing jam! Danny and I used to take kickboxing at a karate studio, and this class wasn’t anywhere near as intense. It was more of a cardio kickboxing class with 20 minutes of abs at the end.

At the kickboxing class Danny and I used to take, we used to actually punch and kick each other while holding body pads. Oh, how I miss punching and kicking my husband. But don’t you worry about him…he punched and kicked a lot harder than I did.

The kickboxing class last night was a great cardio workout though. The only downside is that the night fitness classes are so crowded and the fitness room is fairly small so everyone is crammed in there. That makes it pretty hard to really kick. I can’t wait until the new gym is built next year!

Hot, sweaty, and blurry after kickboxing last night….and crazed looking?!

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

Nothing fancy. Normal body pump. I used lighter weights for the shoulder track because my shoulder is still sore.


I had another Van’s waffle with peanut butter and blueberries this morning, along with more blueberries and watermelon on the side. I also had a black cherry Chobani yogurt. I know that I’ve said this about almost all of the Chobani flavors, but the black cherry is one of my favorite flavors. I think I like it more than the blueberry. I love that it has big pieces of delicious cherries in it. And don’t worry, there’s a flavor that I do not like coming up soon.

This afternoon, we’re going to pick up my niece and then I’m taking the kids to the farmer’s market for some fruits and veggies. They’re most excited to get sno-cones!

Questions of the day:

  • The Olympics start tonight! Are you going to watch? What’s your favorite sport to watch? Did you hear that trampolining is an Olympic sport this year?!
  • Any plans for this weekend?


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6 Responses to Kickboxing Jam

  1. Michele

    I can’t wait for the Olympics tonight, it is like X-mas for me :)…Really trampolining, that is just as bad as table tennis.
    as for the weekend plans really nothing, I have two more weekends of freedom to the kids come back from summer vacation in Buffalo with the grandparents!

  2. Key Master

    You bet we will be glued to our tv for the next 2 weeks!!! I’ve been so excited 4the Olympics to start. Looking forward to gymnastics & swimming. Gigi

  3. I love your kick boxing pic. You look so cute 🙂 and YAY for Darbi and I wish Canada had blood orange I want to try it sooooooooooo bad 🙂

  4. The chunks was too much for me. I was all excited, because I love cherries..but I have texture issues. My favorite of the adult flavors is Lemon, the kids flavors..maybe honey/banana, I don’t like honey..but you can’t taste it.

    • I used not to not like chunks in my yogurt – but I love the cherries! Have you had the kids chocolate flavor? I am dying to try that one but dont want to buy a four pack in case I don’t like it. The kids might eat it though.

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