Bamboo Spoon and A Little Shopping

I tried to sleep in this morning. I really did, but for some reason my body thinks it’s necessary to make up at 6:35 am the day after the doing Muddy Buddy when all I want to do is sleep all day. Oh well, at least there’s coffee. Plus, sometimes it’s nice being the only one awake in the house. That doesn’t happen very often.


Yesterday, we had big plans to try out a new frozen yogurt place that just opened on Friday in South Barrington.

Bamboo Spoon! I had high hopes for this fro-yo and thankfully it lived up to my expectations. Their frozen yogurt was amazing – it was one of the most flavorful yogurts I’ve ever tasted. Danny’s favorite flavors were the birthday cake and red velvet cupcake.

That was my first time trying red velvet frozen yogurt, and I couldn’t believe how good it was. We will definitely be re-visiting this place…a lot.

I had raspberry pomegranate, sugar-free strawberry, and birthday cake frozen yogurt, topped with strawberries, blueberries, snickers, and Nerds. I was so excited to see that they had Nerds – it’s one of the candies that I always steal from the kids during Halloween.

The kids loved their frozen yogurt too. They always get a few flavors and toppings, and then stir it all up into a big frozen yogurt soupy mess. Ahhh…to be a kid again. I actually like keeping my flavors separate and wish the fro-yo cups came with little dividers.

After eating our yogurt, we walked around a bit, and ran into a farmer’s market.

Everything looked so delicious, and the prices were awesome, so I got a few things. Brussels sprouts, two apricots, an apple, a pear, a peach, and a pluot for under $3.50!

We also stopped by The Victoria’s Secret Pink store, and I tried on the cutest hoodie with angel wings on the back. I pretty much fell in love with it, and then checked out the price tag – $68.00! I dropped that hoodie like it was on fire. $68? For a hoodie? Now, I like clothes as much as the next girl (namely sweatpants and hoodies), but I can’t justify spending $68 on a hoodie.


It wasn’t even like it was a fancy piece of clothing or a nice pair of jeans or shoes. I go to the gym, and then stay home with kids all day. That hoodie would have been spilled on, sweated on, and spit up on. I feel like if you have the money for the hoodie, then go ahead and buy it, but I think the money could go towards so many other things…like going out to dinner.

Yes, Danny and I are going on a date night to dinner tonight. I guess I could put that money towards the hoodie, not food that I’m just going to eat and then it will be gone, but I’m really excited to go out to dinner. Plus, it’s the whole dinner experience and being with my husband that makes it worthwhile.

I keep getting emails and Facebook posts from Bonefish Grill about their new lobster roll for a limited time only. I finally couldn’t take it anymore, and decided that I needed that lobster roll. (I’m such a sucker for advertising.) Luckily, my dad said he’d watch the boys so that Danny and I could go tonight. Thanks, Dad! I think I’m as excited about that lobster roll as I was about the hoodie.

Have a great Sunday!

Questions of the day:

  • Do you spend a lot of money on clothes? What’s the most you’ve spent on one item?
  • What do you splurge on? Clothes, food, hair products, make-up, etc?
  • What’s for dinner tonight?


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9 Responses to Bamboo Spoon and A Little Shopping

  1. I went to Yogurtland for the first time on Friday night, and tried Red Velvet cake as well. Delicious! I agree about the dividers! Next time I want to try Fruity Pebbles as a topping on mine!

  2. My big splurges are concert tickets! I’m a bargain shopper with clothes etc but concerts!! Guess which I’ve spent the most on??? Second row seats!!!! Heaven!!

  3. ack! Better than Yogali Mogali? I will never run into you then!

  4. Sandee

    Crazy!$68 for a hoodie. I wear scrubs all day at work and then change into work out wear or sweats. Lol. My splurging lately has been on work out stuff. I also buy magazines. Dinner tonight was a huge salad with shredded chicken on top. Yum!

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