Muddy Buddy Training

Last night, Danny and I went to a nearby walking/running/biking path to practice for the Muddy Buddy.

When I first starting blogging, I wrote this post on etiquette “rules” for running on a shared outdoor path, and I still stick by all of them.

Yesterday, while I was biking and Danny was running, a couple with a dog stopped right in the middle of the running/biking path to talk to another couple. I come barreling along on the bike, and not one of them makes any attempt to move. All four of them and the dog are facing me, watching me speed towards them, yet they make no attempt at all to move two feet over into the grass.

I don’t care if you want to sit there and chit-chat, but at least move out-of-the-way so that people can continue to run and bike. As I got closer to them, I realized that they weren’t going to move all at. At the last second, I had to swerve into the grass to barely avoid hitting them and their dog. As I rode by, I yelled, “Nice place to stand!”

Obviously, I have some inner rage because I was pissed off and still am. Do people not have the common sense and decency to move over two feet so I can get by on my bike? Danny said they were standing there when he ran by too and wouldn’t move. And this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Has this ever happened to you? Am I overreacting?

Thank you for letting me vent. Now back to our Muddy Buddy training. My dad came over to watch the kids for a while last night so Danny and I could practice and he took this picture of us while holding the camera down really low.

When I asked him why he was holding the camera so low, he said he was holding it at a lower angle to make us appear bigger. Thanks, Dad. I’ve spent my whole life trying to appear smaller and here you are trying to make me look bigger.

Crazy exercise face self-pic:

When we got to the trail, I started out on the bike, and Danny started out running. We switched off at each mile, and I completed 4 miles on the bike and 3 miles running. Danny completed 3 miles biking and 4 miles running. This is how it will be during the Muddy Buddy too. Danny starts off running because he is a stronger runner. And way faster. Way way faster.

It was difficult. My quads really felt it. It might seem like you get a little break while riding the bike, but your legs really need to get used to the quick transition from biking to running and vice versa. Overall, it went good, and we’re going to try to get one more practice in before next weekend.

Afterwards, we stopped at Subway for a late dinner. I had a veggie sub with apple slices.

For dessert, I had a Skeeter Snacks Skeeterdoodle cookie.

It was just as delicious as I imagined it would be and was only 85 calories for one cookie.

I am so happy that it’s Friday! We have such a busy weekend. My family is coming over tonight for a cookout, tomorrow we have to pick up our race packets, Sunday is the Dash & Splash 5k, and Sunday afternoon is McCutie’s 1st birthday!! I am so excited for her first birthday party!

Speaking of McCutie, here’s a picture of her yesterday.

I’m in trouble now. Time to do some more baby proofing! Her favorite thing is the wall outlet. I have those plastic outlet covers in them, and she figured out how to pull them out! Kind of defeats the purpose of having them, huh?!

Well, I’m off to BodyPump. Have a great Friday the 13th!

Questions of the day:

  • Do you have pet peeves? Any angry running stories?
  • What are you doing this weekend?
  • Are you superstitious?


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17 Responses to Muddy Buddy Training

  1. ARhgh!! I hate it when people don’t get out of my way too, and my husband will downright plow into people who don’t move {awful, I know… but he loves to “teach ’em a lesson”}.

    What is especially dangerous for everyone are those people w/the retractable dog leashes, who let the dog stretch across the trail and don’t reign them in once you get close – WTH are you supposed to do then?? {Don’t ask my husband… he’s straight-up run into the line and allowed everything to get all tangled up [the dog wasn’t harmed!], just to demonstrate the safety issue. He sounds like a d**k I know… but it’s really the people who won’t f’ing move that are being that!}

  2. I would’ve been SO frustrated with those people. That happens a lot when I’m running. My boyfriend joked that next time, I should raise my fist, yell CHARRRRRRGEEEEEE and just barrell through the middle of ’em. Every time I see idiots not moving in the middle of the path, I just think of that image and it makes me laugh enough that I’m no longer pissed…even though I still hate when people are that oblivious!

  3. Every flippin’ day I run at the gym is an angry running story!! Ugh!!! I can definitely relate to how you felt having to swerve around those people standing on the path. Seriously, if I had any sort of guts, I would have slammed on my brakes and just held my ground and stared them down. But I’m passive aggressive – like you – and simply would have shouted as I sped away! You’re in good company!!

  4. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people just stop in the middle of the sidewalk and don’t have any clue that anyone is trying to get past them. Even on my walk to work this morning, a family was just standing there, blocking the whole side walk waiting for the camp bus! I will sometimes say something, but mostly just make noises that indicate how annoyed I am and make a big deal about how I have to walk around them.
    I really try to be conscious about this when I’m the one who stops in the middle of the sidewalk for no reason. I try to make sure that I move off to the side or ask the people that I’m with to move as well so other people can get by.
    I’m with you!!!

    • I do the same thing – I always try to move to the side. It also drives me crazy when people stop right in front on me with grocery carts at the store! At least some of us think to move out of the way 🙂

  5. I want to scream the same thing to peeps on the sidewalk downtown

  6. Melissa Woollard

    People are RUDE and just don’t care. I hate that as well. Happy Birthday to Baby Mc Cutie! Last night I went to see Barry Manilow, Tongiht seeing our local Summer with the arts play-Mulan and tomorrow taking Brendan and his friend to summer camp for a week at the same camp i went to as a child! And studying for Finals!! Last week of class and the a few weeks oof til fall classes start and back to the gym! Been happy that despite having no time for gym with this class Ive maintained the bit I had lost before. Trying the chicken tacos tonight Too!

  7. Key Master

    You know how you don’t know fires hot until you touch it the first time!! Plow away and be the fire. Some people just need to get burned once before they know not to stand in the way. Remember 1/2 the people in the world are below average.

  8. Melissa Woollard

    The tacos were a BIG hit! GReat recipe! Thanks.

  9. I am still angry about a biker from 3 years ago who yelled at me for wearing headphones. I was walking as far to the one side as I could get without getting smacked in the face by plants, music down low for safety, fully aware that bikers come down that path at a million miles an hour and never SAY anything, but he felt I deserved a yell anyways. Pretty easy to do when you can speed away on your bike. All the polite bikers on the trails I pass while running still can’t make up for this guy being a total dick.

    This week I was running on the recreational trail and came upon a couple who were goofing around and shoving each other. I was about to pass when I saw a shove, so I made sure to announce, “ON YOUR RIGHT” loudly so we wouldn’t collide. All I can think is, what if I was a biker, coming down the hill at 3x the speed…you’d probably get hurt for doing such stupid stuff!

    People are inconsiderate and thoughtless a lot of times on these trails and paths, so you really have to announce that you are coming with enough time, and if they don’t notice, it’s their fault if you clip them!

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