Working Out and Eating

Yesterday’s Workout

  • Biggest Loser Workout
  • 5k Prep Workout

For yesterday’s Biggest Loser workout, different stations were set up, and we had to spend one minute doing a certain exercise for that station, then we switched stations. We did this for about an hour. Some of the different exercises included: stability ball squats on the wall, bent over rows, one leg biceps curls, mountain climbers, sprints, and jumping jacks. It was a good workout, but not as tough as Monday’s workout.

After doing that, we went outside for our 5k prep workout. We ran for 60 seconds, and then walked for 90 seconds for a total of about 22 minutes. My calves have been feeling tight lately, so I made sure to wear my calf sleeves.

After my workout, I came home and ate the salad and mango that I bought from Whole Foods earlier in the day.

The ranch dressing from the Whole Foods salad bar is one of my top two favorite dressings. The other one is Portillo’s house dressing. I love that the ranch dressing has dill in it. It’s so good!


I went to bed last night thinking about french toast, so I knew there would be some french toast in my future! I made peanut butter french toast with more mango on the side this morning.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that the mango I bought was ripe yet, because it’s slightly hard and doesn’t taste as good as it usually does. That kind of stinks because Whole Foods mango isn’t cheap.

I’m not working out this morning because this guy has his kindergarten physical doctor’s appointment this morning.

He can’t take his eyes off the Smurfs cartoon that he’s watching. It’s so funny that my kids watch the Smurfs because I grew up watching the Smurfs!

Tonight, Danny and I are going to do a run through for the Muddy Buddy. We bring one bike to a local track, and we take turns biking one mile and running one mile for about 6-7 miles. Only about 9 days until the Muddy Buddy!

Questions of the day:

  • What’s your favorite salad dressing?
  • What cartoons did you grow up watching?
  • If you workout out at night, do you eat dinner before you workout or after?



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7 Responses to Working Out and Eating

  1. I’m kind of obsessed with the ceasar dressing on the Whole Foods salad bar. It’s so good! I tried to buy their brand of ceasar in a bottle and it was not the same. I wish they would sell it on it’s own. I also love the Feta dressing from Trader Joes. Other than that, I’m really over bottled dressings and I think I’m going to start making my own.

  2. They have physical’s for kindergarten? Wow! 🙂
    I normally eat salad without salad dressing but I do love a good blue cheese! Or a balsamic! yum! Now I’m hungry!

  3. I am not a huge salad dressing fan but if I have to choose I like blue cheese(dipping my fork only) or vinaigrette style dressings.

    I can’t eat at within a couple hours of working out or I feel like I need to hurl the entire time. However, I usually work out in the morning so it isn’t an issue.

    • I dip my fork in the dressing too. I don’t like my salad swimming in dressing.

      I usually work out in the morning too but when I work out at night I always feel like eating dinner afterwards at 8 pm is so late!

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