DuPage Children’s Museum

In April, I bought a Groupon for four admissions to the DuPage Children’s Museum for half price. Yesterday, at the library the kids turned in their summer reading sheets and guess what one of their prizes was? A free admission to the Dupage Children’s Museum. Figures, doesn’t it? Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to go again.

This morning, I packed up all three kids and a lunch, and we headed to the museum.


The kids had tons of fun playing. There is such a big age range between them all, but the museum had something for every age group, so I was happy about that. The kids loved putting themselves inside a giant bubble.

And playing with their shadows.

Baby McCutie Sweet Face was very happy to make some new friends.

Jacob spent about 45 minutes building with the wooden blocks. He wants to be an architect and a construction worker when he grows up. He not only wants to design the building, but he wants to build it too.

Jaden’s future aspirations? He wants to be a snow cone maker. Originally, he wanted to be a hamster trainer, so I’m not sure if snow cone maker is a step up or a step down. Hey, whatever makes him happy.

We stayed and played at the museum for about two and half hours, and then we went outside to eat the lunch that we brought.

And yes, I occasionally give my kids Lunchables and Gushers.

Danny works nearby and was able to meet us for lunch. Unfortunately, there was tons of construction and he was only able to stay about 10 minutes.

I had the world’s most boring salad that didn’t fill me up at all, so we went and got some fro-to instead.

After, I stopped at Whole Foods for some mango, pineapple, and watermelon. I also picked up a salad for dinner tonight after my Biggest Loser workout. We have a strength workout followed by a 5k prep workout tonight!

Questions of the day:

  • Have you ever been to a children’s museum before?
  • What’s your favorite museum?
  • Do you ever eat fro-yo, ice cream, or cake for lunch?



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5 Responses to DuPage Children’s Museum

  1. The Dupage Children’s museum is pretty cool. I have only gone once, but want to go again.

  2. Michelle Dragoo

    Wow we’re close. I drive by that museum daily on my way to work at Edward hospital!!

  3. Fun! I’ve been known to have ice cream for dinner from time to time haha. I haven’t done it in awhile but it sounds pretty good right now!

  4. When I was a little girl we use to go to the Children’s Museum in Los Angeles. I remember having so much fun there!!! What a fun way to spend the day!

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