Frozen Yogurt Success

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Yesterday afternoon, we dropped my car back off at the mechanic with a note explaining that the air conditioning still doesn’t work and left the keys in the night drop box. Hopefully they fix it fast because today I have three kids at home all day without a car. And my kids have lots of energy and hate being cooped up all day long.

Not having a car also means no BodyPump this morning. That’s sad, but I still have my Biggest Loser workout tonight.

After we dropped my car off, we took the kids to a nearby fest with a carnival.

Jaden forced Jacob to go on some rides with him. Jaden is more of a risk-taking daredevil, while Jacob prefers to keep both his feet on the ground. But Jacob sucked it up for his little brother and went on some rides with him.

Jacob did love the bumper cars though.

Then, they played some games, and Jaden won a goldfish. Joy.

That goldfish ended up costing me $20. Of course, we don’t have a fishbowl, so we had to stop at the store and buy a fish bowl. And fish food. And some kind of drops to put in the water so the fish don’t suffocate. And another goldfish for Jacob. Geesh.

Their names are Power Up and Shell. Totally normal goldfish names. Jaden’s original name was Fish, so Power Up was an upgrade.

Then the lady at the store where we were buying the fish stuff told my kids that goldfish can live three to four years. What?! She better hope that our carnival goldfish lives for three years or my kids are going to be pretty disappointed. Although my yoga instructor did have a goldfish that lived for 10 years and eats frozen peas…Go figure.

I could be wrong but I think this booth sells fruit punch…or maybe it’s lemonade?

After hanging out at the carnival for a bit, we met up with my family at Qdoba for dinner. I had two veggie tacos and a naked taco salad. Naked as in no taco shell.

Later that night, we met up again with my brother, sister-in-law, and niece to try out another new frozen yogurt place in South Elgin. What can I say? I have a fro-yo addiction.

This place was called Spirels, and it totally made up for the so-so frozen yogurt the night before.

The kid’s favorite flavor was root beer float.

I had butter pecan, mint chocolate, and strawberry frozen yogurt topped with lots of peanut butter cups and Skittles. I love Skittles but putting them in fro-yo was a mistake. They froze making them impossible to chew. Jaden and I had to pick all our Skittles out.

It was very good, and I would definitely go back, but it’s still quite a trip from our house.

Baby McCutie Fro-Yo Face loved hers.

After frozen yogurt it was around 9 pm, and we took Baby McCutie home with us to spend the night because my brother has to work early this week, and it worked out easier just to have her come home with us.

It’s about 8 am this morning, and all three kids are still sleeping. This rarely happens. It’s like Jaden has super sonic ears, and the second he hears me get out of bed, he’s right behind me, following me downstairs. Then, he announces the order everybody woke up in. Everyday. Thanks, Jaden. I was wondering who woke up third today.

I think they’re giving me a little bit of peace right now because without a car it’s going to be a very long day…

Questions of the day:

  • What’s the best thing you ate this weekend?
  • When was the last time you went to the carnival? Favorite ride or game?
  • If you have kids, do they wake up early?


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8 Responses to Frozen Yogurt Success

  1. reba

    crystal looks like she is pondering hers a little to much might be a ketchup photo

  2. My kids recently won a fish at a local festival, too. They named it ShinyOrangeFish. It’s definitely not orange. It’s white. 🙂

  3. V;s fishy fishy lasted just about a week

  4. Ha! My son’s family is from Elgin, IL! Cool! The best thing I ate this weekend was the shrimp cocktail..but I guess it wasn’t the weekend, it was Thursday, but it was my “long weekend” so I think that counts!?!

  5. I seriously love reading your blogs. Your days always seem so packed with such fun little adventures for you and your children!!

    –Ah, thank goodness you had a frozen yogurt success night! That is just awesome news 🙂

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