Frozen Yogurt Fail

Last Night

I love weekends that aren’t jam-packed with things to do. Our weekends are normally so busy, that’s it’s nice to have a relaxing weekend without any commitments. (Well, besides my car problem, that’s not relaxing). Yesterday, we spent the day lounging by the pool, then we had a delicious dinner and went out for frozen yogurt.

Danny cooked everything on the grill last night (except for the watermelon!). I had maple tamari salmon, grilled broccoli, corn on the cob, grilled pineapple, and watermelon.

It was the perfect summertime dinner. It was the first time I’ve ever had grilled pineapple. Danny put the slices of grilled pineapple on his burger with BBQ sauce and said it was amazing.

After dinner, we went out to try a new-to-us frozen yogurt place. It’s a little bit closer than the Yogli Mogli we usually go to.

It’s called Yoyo Land, and it looks like it’s in an old train station. It’s located in downtown Wheaton.

The fro-yo was okay. It was a small place with limited flavors. The toppings were in candy jar, and some of them (like the peanut butters cups!) were melted into chocolately soup.

I know that it was extremely hot outside, but I was disappointed because I really wanted peanut butter cups on my frozen yogurt. Instead, I got a mix of chocolate and NY cheesecake with a variety of toppings. I’m not sure why I added peanut M&M’s because I know that I don’t like cold M&M’s. I think I was trying to make up for the lack of peanut butter cups.

They also didn’t have any fruity flavors of yogurt, which was also disappointing because I usually gravitate towards the fruit fro-yo flavors. The yogurt was good, but not great, and I probably wouldn’t go back. After we were done, I was sad that we didn’t go to Yogli Mogli. At least we tried a new place.

After eating, we walked around downtown Wheaton for a bit, and then headed home.

We don’t have any plans for today, except for dropping my brother’s car off to him. It should be a nice relaxing Sunday, which will be nice because our next few weekends are busy. My niece’s first birthday is coming up, Danny and I are running a 5k, and we have the Muddy Buddy in a little less than two weeks.

Questions of the day:

  • Do you have any plans this Sunday? Any important events coming up?
  • Have you ever looked forward to trying something and then were disappointed?
  • What’s the best dinner you’ve ever made or ate?



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8 Responses to Frozen Yogurt Fail

  1. Key Master

    Going biking! I enjoy biking when the weather is nice. Last week the temp was too hot to even think about jumping on a bike. 3 consecutive days over 100 degrees…..thats flippin hot!!!
    Hoping I can get my family to join me.

    There have been many times I wanted to try something new and it didnt live up to the hype. But more times than not I’v been pleased with the new things i’ve tryed. I’m always willing to stick my toe in the water when something new pops up.

    Have a great Sunday

  2. OH I looked into that place, and decided not to try it. I am sorry you didn’t like it. One of these days we will run into each other at Yogali Mogali 🙂

  3. I’m sorry your frozen yogurt adventure was no good.. but hey your dinner looked ah-mazzing!!

    **Today was the first day of my “Birthday Week” (Tuesday is my birthday!!). Hubby and I got our usual Sunday Starbucks, acted like little kids @ the arcade, had lunch @ TGIF, saw Spiderman and then had dinner @ a new to us Lebanese Restaurant. It was a wonderful Sunday!

    Ohh & just yesterday I was completely disappointed by a restaurant/meal. We tried the only friggen Mexican place in kuwait.. and it was awful!! I think why it made me so mad was because i’ve been craving Mexican for a while now!

  4. I didn’t really have any plans for this Sunday except to do a run. Sorry about your disappointing fro-yo. I think you’re owed a do-over!

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