And You Call Yourself a Mechanic

Today’s Workout

  • Biggest Loser Boot Camp

This mornings Biggest Loser boot camp was moved indoors because there is still a heat advisory in Chicagoland. I was happy because it was a tough workout, and I sweat like crazy. Classy, huh?

Afterwards, I was super hungry so I made toast with peanut butter, egg whites, and peach Greek yogurt. And coffee. There’s always coffee.

I’ve been writing down everything I eat in a full size notebook (compared to the little one that I usually use) because I have to turn it in each week for the Biggest Loser contest.

Forget computers and apps to track what I eat, I’m so high-tech, I use a four-color pen. Must be the 90’s lover in me.

Late this morning, we went to hang out at the pool while the air conditioning in my car was being fixed at the car place. I have been borrowing my brother’s car for a few days to drive the kids around because it’s been so hot.

We swam at the pool for a few hours. Well, I mostly lounged at the pool and read magazines while Danny and the kids swam.

 Doesn’t Danny look like he’s dying?

A little ducky found his way into the pool, and decided to take a quick dip to cool off.

I liked watching the duck. I am easily amused by such things.

After the pool, we stopped by the store to grab a few things for dinner, and then went to pick up my car. The ride home from the car place is about 10 minutes long, and the car DID NOT blow cold air once. The air conditioning is still not working. I was so mad. We just paid $950 for nothing.

Danny called, and of course they’re closed until Monday. I’m going to have to bring the car back in which is going to be a problem because I have to give my brother his car back tomorrow. This sucks, and I’m not happy.

I did get a little good news today, though. I finally got my check from the Spring Weight Loss Challenge that I did.

It’s for $125. I paid $80 to join, so that’s a $45 profit just for losing weight. Not bad.

We’re off to try a new frozen yogurt place tonight. Maybe that will make me feel better about my car problems. Probably not.

Don’t forget to enter my Cheribundi cherry juice giveaway! Ends tomorrow night.

Questions of the day:

  • Have you ever wanted to punch a mechanic in the face?

That’s all.



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4 Responses to And You Call Yourself a Mechanic

  1. Thankfully I have never wanted to punch a mechanic in the face. My dad and brother are both mechanics (although now that my brother is finished with school, he works in finance now).

    My dad’s shop is on Golf Rd in Schaumburg, so he’s really not too far from you guys if the other mechanics don’t get the job done properly. My dad may even remember you if you tell him that you’re the girl who bought the Taurus from us back in ’97 or whenever that was.

    • I remember that Taurus! Ahhh..those were the days.   I didn’t know your dad was a mechanic. If this mechanic can’t fix it, I’ll bring it to him. I wish I knew before! Thanks, Tracy!

  2. new froyo?? Where???

    sorry about the a/c 🙁

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