Fourth Of July Fun

Yesterday’s Workout

  • Biggest Loser DVD – 50 minutes

Danny and I tried out the Biggest Loser workout DVD in our living room yesterday. It definitely got us sweating – or that might just have been because it was 80 degrees in our house. The DVD is broken up into five 10-minutes sections — two cardio, upper body, lower body, and abs. It’s done by the Biggest Loser contestants.

What really surprised me the most about the DVD is that they didn’t have proper form while doing some of the exercises. I know that the contestants are doing the workout, and not professionals, but you would think that if you’re selling an exercise DVD to people you would want to make sure the moves were being done correctly and safely.

For example, during triceps extensions people had their elbows flared out while they should be close to the ears and during the plank and mountain climbers people had their butt way up in the air rather than flat. I was just surprised to see that.

Have you done a Biggest Loser Workout DVD before? Thoughts?

Yesterday afternoon, we went to my grandparent’s house.

Danny and me:

There was so much delicious food! I put out my cake dip and it was a hit. My step-mom added some strawberries and blueberries, and it was amazing with the strawberries.

My step-mom also made these red, white, and blue fruit skewers with white chocolate drizzled on top. Those were delicious too.

And there were patriotic drinks.

We hung out in the backyard where a meeting of the triplets club was taking place.

Isn’t funny that the three of them dressed almost identical?

Dinner was perfect.

I had salmon, corn on the cob, orzo, garlic bread, and broccoli.

The broccoli was cooked on the grill, and it’s the best way I’ve ever tasted broccoli. It had a lightly grilled flavor which was amazing. I will be cooking broccoli on the grill from now on.

We stayed until about 10 pm, and we able to see a few fireworks from my grandparent’s backyard. We got home about 11 pm, and I let the kids sleep in this morning, since we were out so late. I’m going to try to make it to the gym later this morning to run on the treadmill, but if I don’t make it, I’m going to go this evening.

  • Did you have a good Fourth of July? What did you do?
  • Any plans for today?
  • Have you ever done a Biggest Loser workout DVD?


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5 Responses to Fourth Of July Fun

  1. The Biggest Lose is NOTORIOUS for having bad form, especially on the television show! It’s shocking!!

  2. Key Master

    That blue drink looked very refreshing….I would love to know how it was made. I think the lady’s at our next get together would enjoy it. Any chance you can share the recipe?
    All the foods at your party looked great. It looks like you had some very clever and unique ideas !

  3. Amy

    looks like you had a good 4th of July

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