Cheribundi Cherry Juice Giveaway

I have been hearing a lot about the benefits of cherry juice lately. Most recently, I was reading Self magazine and came across this little blurb on cherry juice.

Cherry juice is great for runners because it has anthocyanins which reduce inflammation.

I was pretty intrigued by cherry juice because I have never really heard about its benefits until recently. I contacted Cheribundi, and they agreed to send me a case of their different varieties of cherry juice.

Ever Dr. Oz featured cherry juice on his show.

Cherry juice is a great antioxidant drink, and  it helps with pain relief, acts as a sleep aid, and fights heart disease. I already love cherries, so I had no problem jumping on the cherry juice wagon.

The first flavor that I tried was the Skinny Cherry. I drank it along side my bagelwich and watermelon. As someone who is trying to lose those last few pounds, I love that there is only 90 calories in the whole bottle.

My favorite cherry juice to try was the Whey Cherry flavor, because I’m always looking for ways to get extra protein. I drank this one after a BodyPump workout.

8 grams of protein in 8 ounces! Perfect for an after workout snack. I love that it tastes good and has that tart flavor. I often find that most juices are too sweet, so I love the tartness of this cherry juice.

The Cheribundi flavors include:

  • Whey Cherry
  • Ginger Cherry
  • Tru Cherry
  • Skinny Cherry
  • Cacao Cherry

Cheribundi is also giving one reader their own 12 pack sampler of cherry juice to try!

To Win:

  • Tell me what flavor of Cheribundi cherry juice you look forward to trying.
  • Like Cheribundi on Facebook. Comment and let me know you did.
  • Follow Cherbundi on Twitter. Comment and let me know you did.
  • Like Run Eat Play on Facebook. Comment and let me know you did.

Lots of ways to win!

Giveaway will run through Sunday July, 8th. I will post winners Monday morning. US residents only, please.


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43 Responses to Cheribundi Cherry Juice Giveaway

  1. Sarah B.

    the ginger cherry one looks delicious!

  2. Yes please! I’m most excited about the cacoa cherry.

  3. Heather

    I am always needing to add more protein to my diet as well, so the whey cherry would be perfect for me!

  4. The Whey flavor sounds great! More protein is always good!

  5. Following them on Twitter

  6. susie

    Ginger cherry!

  7. Heather

    I “like” RunEatPlay” on FB!

  8. I’d love to try the Ginger Cherry!

  9. Skinny cherry. I’ve heard a lot about cherry juice lately too.

  10. Marlene

    Ginger cherry, tru cherry and skinny cherry

  11. I’d love to try Skinny Cherry! I eat so many cherries I should have 0 inflammation 🙂

  12. ‘Liked’ Cheribundi on FB.

  13. Hmmm they all look mummy, but id say the skinny!

  14. Anna S.

    I would love to try the ginger cherry! I have been into ginger lately 🙂

  15. Tracy

    I love cherries! I would love to try the whey cherry.

  16. Heather

    I “liked” cheribundi on Fb. Thanks!!

  17. Wendy

    Never knew cherry juice could have so many flavors – very interesting! They sound delish!

  18. I would love to try Skinny Cherry!

  19. I follow Cheribundi on Twitter 🙂

  20. I look forward to trying Tru Cherry. I “liked” Cherbundi and Run Eat Play on facebook and I’m following on Twitter. THANKS!

  21. Ellie Ferguson

    Ginger cherry

  22. amanda daley

    skinny cherry sounds awesome!

  23. amanda daley

    I like cheribundi on facebook

  24. amanda daley

    following on twitter @daleymom

  25. amanda daley

    and I like Runeatplay on facebook

  26. Monica Wilkes

    Looking forward to trying Tru Cherry. I also liked Cheribundi, Run Eat Play, and I am following Cheribundi on Twitter. My Pleasure!!

  27. alw6ys

    Tru Cherry

    m8usi at yahoo dot com

  28. alw6ys

    FB fan / like cheribundi. My FB profile:

  29. alw6ys

    FB fan / like Run Eat Play. My FB profile:

    m8usi at yahoo dot com

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  31. Nicole B

    I would love to try the whey cherry flavor… always looking for ways to get more protein in.

  32. I would like to try the Tru Cherry first.

  33. Jeanne Guernsey

    I’d like to try all, but most interested in the skinny cherry, because I need to watch those calories!

  34. Jeanne Guernsey

    I now like Cheribundi on FB.

  35. Jeanne Guernsey

    I am now following Cheribundi on Twitter.

  36. Jeanne Guernsey

    I like Run Eat Play on FB. I really enjoy your daily blogs!

  37. Following all three! Can’t wait to find some ginger cherry!

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