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Lots of Food and A Tough Workout

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Over the weekend, we went on a family fro-yo trip.

Followed by a family Whole Foods trip.

The family that eats fro-yo and buys overpriced groceries together, stays together. While we were there, I picked up a few things that I made for dinner last night.

First, I tried the mango jicama salad from the deli.

It was a different taste, I thought it was good, but not good enough that I’d buy it again.

I also bought maple tamari salmon to try. The guy at the fish counter recommended it, so I figured I’d try it out. I had him cut the 6 oz piece in half, so I could eat it two nights.

I’m the kind of person that likes a little bit of lots of foods, rather than a big portion of one food. I think it makes me feel like I’m getting more food, and I love a variety of food at once. So, I have the fish guy cut the salmon in half so that I can have other sides with it and not be over stuffed.

Besides the mango jicama salad, I had corn on the cob and steamed brussels sprouts.

Baby McCutie Love Bunny got to eat fun stuff, like puffs. Because how can eating puffs not be fun?

About an hour after dinner, I went to my Biggest Loser workout (and yes, it was a mistake eating that close to working out). This was the toughest workout yet. We split into two groups, and half of us went into the spin bike room. In there, we split in half again, and some of us did the Spin bike and some of us did strength with hand weights.

When it was time to switch, I asked if I could just stay on the Spin bike since I had done BodyPump earlier in the morning. That Spin bike was tough! By the time I got off, my quads were feeling it. Then we switched with the first group so they could come into the Spin room.  We ended up doing more strength training while the second group was doing Spin. I just stuck to five-pound weights. We did tons of squats and upper arm exercises.

I’m not feeling too bad this morning, so I’m going to Butts and Guts class this morning. Have a great day!

Questions of the day:

  • Do you like a variety of food at once or stick to just a couple of foods at meal times?
  • Is there an expensive food that you love and will splurge on? I think the WF mango is overpriced, but I will always buy it because I love it.
  • Any plans for the 4th tomorrow?


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