First Biggest Loser Workout


Yesterday morning I went to BodyPump. I haven’t changed my weight amount at BodyPump in a long time. I think that the weights I lift are heavy enough that I struggle to lift them by the end of the song, but I still maintain proper form while lifting them. If you can’t maintain good form while lifting weights, then the weight is too heavy.

But, I am not sore after BodyPump anymore either, so I wonder if I should try to start lifting heavier weights. My instructor said that you can always start the song lifting heavier weights, and if it gets to be too hard, you can drop down to lighter weights. This is what I am currently lifting during each track:

(approximately – sometimes it changes depending on the track or if I’m tired that day)

  • Warm-up – 20 lbs
  • Squats – 25-30 lbs
  • Chest – 20 lbs
  • Back – 20-25 lbs
  • Triceps – 20 lbs (5 lbs for kickbacks, 7.5-10 lbs for extensions)
  • Biceps – 18 lbs
  • Shoulders – (2) 5 lbs plates or 12-15 lbs bar
  • Abs – no weight or 5 lb plate

I think maybe I should start adding a little more weight, but the smallest amount I can add 5 pounds because the lightest plate is 2.5 pounds. Sigh. BodyPump is getting too complicated.

After BodyPump, I came home and had a Van’s pumpkin muffin top with pineapple and cottage cheese for breakfast.

Later in the afternoon, we went to pick up my niece and then stopped at the park.

McCutie Baby Sunshine Happyface and I hung out in the tubes to get some shade.

Biggest Loser Workout

Last night was my first Biggest Loser workout. And it was tough. It was a circuit/interval workout, and we did a lot of sprinting back and forth, jumping jacks, scissors jumps, shuffling back and forth, and squats. We also did a little bit of shoulder and back weights at the end. By the time we were done, I wanted to lay on the floor and stay there. I can’t imagine how the other people who haven’t exercised in a while felt. I thought the instructors would¬†maybe slowly ease us into working out, but nope, we jumped in with both feet.

I was feeling motivated, so I rode my bike to the gym last night. By the time the workout was over, I was feeling very less motivated about riding home. Luckily, it’s only two miles, so I made it home with my quads only screaming a little bit.

Wednesday is our first nutrition class with a 5k prep running class afterwards.

Questions of the day:

  • Do you lift weights? How often do you increase your weight?
  • What did you have for breakfast today?
  • Any workouts planned for today?



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5 Responses to First Biggest Loser Workout

  1. susie

    Whew! That was an action packed, weight lifting day! I love cottage cheese with pineapples. Usually for breakfast I have almonds and cranberries, gotta have the cccrrruuunnch:)

  2. shannonjoe

    I don’t lift weights but need to! The closest gym is 25 miles away! :)

    That breakfast looks good-I’ve never thought about combining those 2 but mmmm…. Let’s see, for breakfast today I had nothing! Had to go to my thyroid doctor and have cholesterol checked so couldn’t have anything after midnight. Good thing I didn’t read this post before I went! :)


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