Wisconsin Dells – Day 2


It was a little bit cooler in the Dells than I expected, and I didn’t bring a sweatshirt. Luckily, the gift shop at the Wilderness resort had long sleeve shirts for 50% off. So, I spent the day sporting my touristy Wilderness shirt.

In the morning, we got ready and all headed to town. We had to stop and give a bottle to McCandy Face.

While we were at the candy store, I saw these delicious looking lollipops.

Honestly, would you eat a bacon flavored lollipop? They did have pickle flavored gum that I might consider trying though. And lollipops with crickets in them, which I would never consider trying. Bugs and candy don’t mix. That’s just wrong.

After shopping for a bit, Danny and I spent an insane amount of money to walk through a five-minute mirror maze with the kids. They had fun though, and that’s what counts.

Then, we walked down the Riverwalk for a while.

After, Danny, the kids, and I went to Tommy Bartlett’s. This place was really cool and definitely worth the money.

Jaden put his head in this thing that makes it look like your head is floating, and Jacob was determined to figure out how it worked. It took him 6 seconds.

This exploratory was great for Jacob because there was a lot of hands on activities and you had to figure out how they worked. Or you could be like me and just say oh that’s cool, and then walk to the next activity.

I spent some times with Zoltar.

He told me that I have a lot of the friends in the armed forces who would be returning soon. Hmmm….

Jacob rode the sky bike, which he loved, but gave me a mini heart attack. I don’t do well with heights.

We went back to the resort and spent the rest of the day swimming. Well, I spent the rest of the day in the hot tub. One of the pools at the resort has a hot tub right in the middle of it, so I could hang out in the hot tub while the kids just swam around me where I could still keep an eye on them. Genius.

I told Jaden to go into this egg and pretend like he was a baby dinosaur hatching, so he did.

Hanging out in a hot tub sure works up an appetite, so we went out to a late dinner. This vacation thing is really bad for weight loss. I tried to eat good most of the day but I definitely ate more than my normal calorie count and had a not-so-healthy dinner. I’m expecting to maybe have gained at least two stupid pounds by the time we get home. Maybe I will have to join that Biggest Loser contest after all…

For dinner I had delicious cheese quesadillas.

Yes, with pickles.

We’re going to swim a bit more today and then be home tonight. Vacations are fun, but your own bed is the best feeling!

Questions of the day:

  • Would you eat a bacon flavored lollipop or a bug in your lollipop?
  • Pool or hot tub?
  • Traveler or home-body?






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5 Responses to Wisconsin Dells – Day 2

  1. Fit Minded Mom

    I LOVE traveling!!! If only I had endless amounts of money, I would take several vacations per year.

    I like laying out at the pool but it has to be HOT outside for me to get in the pool. I hate being cold!!

  2. susie

    It looks like you all are having a wonderful time. I love your jeans too. The headless Jaden is too much! The bacon lollipop sounds gross.

  3. Amy

    looks like you guys are having fun.

  4. That’s totally cool the hot tub was in the middle of the pool!! That certainly helps to keep an eye on the kiddies!!!

    I’m really astonished how popular bacon seems to be. Seems like you can get bacon flavored anything – so strange!

    I definitely like to get away but there’s a lot to be said for staying home, too!

    Glad you’re having a great time!

  5. Melissa Woollard

    Iwould never eat a bug or bacon pop but Brendan would! Lol I’m definitely a traveler!! Love it!!! Definitely pool but only it’s the right temp!

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