The Big 3-0 Part II

You can check out part one of my birthday celebration here.

Before I get into my birthday dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack, I just wanted to say that although I don’t have a job outside the home, I still feel proud of my accomplishments so far in life.

My accomplishments that I’m proud of:

  • being a certified early childhood educator for ages birth-preschool. I used to work in daycare, preschool, as a nanny, and as a tutor.
  • graduating with honors from Roosevelt University with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies (that’s a nice way of saying that I’m a little bit smart about everything, but not very smart about just one thing).
  • becoming a certified group exercise instructor
  • having two wonderful kids and being married to the perfect husband <—awww…sappy city

Alright, moving onto fun stuff like Joe’s Crab Shack.

I was so excited to eat here. The prices are a bit expensive, so it’s a place that’s for special occasions. And turning 30 is a pretty special occasion, so on my dad’s advice I ordered the king crab legs.

I have only had crab cakes before, never a crab leg, so I was a bit nervous, but they were delicious! The butter sauce is what really makes the crab awesome.

First, they have to bib you because cracking crab legs open is a messy business.

I was a bit too excited for that bib.

And bibs are so fun that everyone made sure to wear one, even those of us who weren’t eating crab.

Do I look good in that picture above or what!

Danny actually ordered salmon with pineapple pico de gallo. I was so surprised by this. I have never seen Danny order anything but a burger in my life. He’s not really a big seafood eater, but he loved the salmon. I had a few bites and it was great, especially with the pineapple.

Of course, our wonderful waiter made sure to fully embarrass me on my birthday.

After a wonderful dinner, we left the restaurant and started to head to secret destination #2. I wasn’t sure where we were going, but I know that we were headed towards Chicago. After a while of driving, we were getting close to our destination, and I saw this sign:

Blue Man Group! I told Danny a while ago that I have always wanted to see Blue Man Group, so he set it up with my family for us to go.

My dad and I with a Blue Man.

I wasn’t able to take any picture during the show, but it was awesome! The show was funny, had great music, and I loved how interactive it was. At one point, the Blue Men were climbing over seats in the audience, using people’s heads to balance them. I loved at the end when the giants glowing balls fall from the ceiling and everyone is hitting them and dancing to the butt song.

It was an awesome day, and Danny and my family did a great job making it special. One more post on my birthday celebration coming up later!

Questions of the day:

  • Have you ever seen Blue Man Group?
  • What’s your favorite show that you’ve seen?
  • What’s your favorite restaurant?


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8 Responses to The Big 3-0 Part II

  1. I’ve never seen Blue Man Group. What a great surprise and terrific birthday weekend!

  2. Yay for crab legs!!! They are the best!!!! Heathef you’ve always been a great person all around so it’s no suprirse you have accomplished so much. You should be proud! I’m proud of mine life accomplishments too. In a few short years I’ll be celebrating the big 50- gasp!!! I’ve seen blue man in Vegas and it was a blast. I can’t pick a favorite show I’ve seen ALOT but some of my fav’s are lion king , jersey boys, cher, Donny and Marie, Memphis, etc. glad you had a happy 30th.

  3. What a wonderful “Welcome to 30” birthday celebration!!!! I have not seen Blue Man but I was super enthralled when I saw Phantom of the Opera.


    HAPPY HAPPY BDAY!!! Seriously, what a great day and Joe’s is my FAVORITE RESTAURANT EVER. He didn’t order a burger, it is a miracle…Billy is the exact same way. Have an amazing day!

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