Yesterday morning, I demanded asked Danny very nicely to take my camera to his gym with him to document his Nuun drinking during his workout. I think he maybe I thought I was crazy, but he still took the camera with him. I just think he did it because he gets to the gym before 5am and there’s hardly anyone there to see him having a photo shoot with the Nuun. He actually did a nice job taking a picture.

Thanks, Danny.

Yesterday’s Workout

  • BodyPump

During the very beginning of the lunge track during BodyPump, the instructor yelled out, nice lunges, Heather.

What?! Is she talking to me? I hate lunges. Usually I only pretend to do them. For a minute I wondered if I was in the Twilight Zone. Nice lunges?! Then I started to get pretty proud of myself. Yeah, that’s right. I do have some nice lunges. Then I realized that it was only the beginning of the song, so I had to keep up my “nice lunges” for the whole song or I would look like a quitter.

I almost died after those lunges. But at least they were some good lunges.

After BodyPump, I had chocolate milk for a little post-workout refreshment.

Jaden and I ended up being in the car during lunch time, and I didn’t bring any other snacks, so I stopped at Subway for a veggie sub.

Not one, but two car pics of me today. You’re welcome.

I had a 6 inch veggie sub on wheat, no cheese.

After eating, we went to pick up my niece. Then we stopped at Target, where Jaden, Baby McSunglasses, and I had way too much fun trying on sunglasses.

If these glasses were pink, I would have bought them in a heartbeat.


The weather is supposed to be hot today with temps up near 90 degrees! Sounds like a perfect day for some birthday celebration. We’ll see.

First, I think I’ll head over to yoga this morning. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!!

Questions of the day:

  • What’s your favorite thing to try on? Sunglasses? Shoes? Clothes? I like trying on shoes because I know that my size will always fit, unlike clothes!
  • Do you have any plans today? Is the weather nice where you live?
  • What would your perfect birthday include?


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7 Responses to Sunglasses

  1. The glasses on Baby McSunglasses is priceless. Good times!!

    The weather is hot where I am. I think it’s about 100* here today! 🙁

  2. I love NUUN…thanks for reminding me to buy some today! I also love sunglasses but don’t need to buy any more 🙂

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