Dine and Dash 5k

This morning I did the Dine and Dash 5k with my family. There was eight of us, in two teams of four – me, Danny, my brother, sister-in-law, my dad, step-mom, Grandpa, and Grandma.

I ran first, then I had to eat, then I tagged the second member of my team to run, and so on. So, each person ran their own 5k, and the last person just ate.

It was a lot of fun. I started out too fast and my feet and calf killed me, but I still finished in under 40 minutes, which is what my PT said I should aim for. There was actually a person with a stop watch writing our time down as we finished each mile. I finished around 37 minutes.

Getting pumped for the big race:

It’s just like prom:

All of us:

The goodie bag was a “doggy bag”. Clever, right?

The taffy apple bread pudding that I had to eat. It wasn’t good. Too eggy.



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12 Responses to Dine and Dash 5k

  1. This race looks like so much fun!! I am going to put a race like this on my bucket list of races. Running and food 2 of may favorite things.

  2. Running to Wings

    This was such a fun race. It has been so long since I’ve run. I have to make sure that I do a few more practices next time. I woke up so sore this morning.

  3. Key Master


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  5. shannonjoe

    That looked like so much fun!!! I ran a 5k Saturday where I finished on the 50 yard line of Auburn University’s stadium. WAR EAGLE!! :)


  6. That sounds like such a fun race! There is a donut run where I went to college – you get time off the clock for every donut you eat! I wish I would have ran it when I lived there!

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