Grocery Confessions

Today started out on the right foot with this k-cup variety pack that Danny picked up for me over the weekend.

I love my Keurig coffee maker, but sometimes I hate buying a box of all the same flavor coffee because I like variety. Is it weird that the girl who eats the same exact thing everyday just said that she likes variety?! I like variety in my coffee, not my food. That’s why the variety packs are perfect, but sometimes they can be hard to find. Luckily, a grocery store near us carries them, and they were on sale.

After my coffee, I decided to try out this smoothie recipe that my father-in-law wrote down for me a long time ago. I made some modifications, so I know that the calorie count in this smoothie was above 106 calories.

Also, my blender wouldn’t be able to handle only 1/4 cup of liquid, so I had to add more. And I am not a big fan of banana at all, but I decided to go ahead and add it for the potassium.

The best part of this smoothie was that when I told Jaden that I was making a smoothie, he asked me not to put any alcohol in it. I was dying laughing. He said that because over the weekend, I made strawberry daiquiris in the blender to go with our taco dinner, and he’s used to seeing me use the blender for smoothies, so I had to explain why he couldn’t have any.

Into my smoothie went:

  • 3/4 cup frozen sliced strawberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen pineapple chunks
  • 1/4 slightly frozen banana
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup vanilla honey Greek yogurt (for protein)
  • 1 cup crushed ice
  • splash of orange juice

The smoothie came out pretty good. I think next time I’ll use more almond milk or OJ rather than so much water. I poured a small glass for Jaden. Smoothies are great for kids, especially Jaden, because they’ll drink the fruit that they normally may not eat. I definitely tasted the banana in the smoothie even though I used such a small amount. Why are bananas so overpowering?

I drank half of the smoothie, and then froze the other half to bring with me to drink after the gym.

If you can’t tell, I like things that are pink.

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump
  • 1.1 mile (walk/run) treadmill – trying to get my calves used to walking/running again

BodyPump was a pretty small class as usual – only four of us. And lunges sucked as usual. My calves and quads hate lunges.

After the gym, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things for the week – lettuce, apples, pears, peppers, yogurt.


  • I never lock my car doors when I go into the grocery store. Ever. (If you know me, don’t stalk me and steal my stuff please). It’s weird because I lock my doors when I go into my house or the gym, but never the store. I think it’s because I usually have the kids, the cart, and groceries, and I don’t feel like digging around my purse for my keys.
  • I bring as many groceries as I can in the house at one time so that I don’t have to make multiple trips. I guess I’m being lazy. I usually smash something, break something, or fall over because I am carrying so much stuff.
  • I have been known to leave gallon of water, bottles of water, laundry detergent, or toilet paper in the car until Danny gets home from work and grabs them. I go to the gym at least five times a week, but I’m lazy about bring groceries in. Go figure.

Lunch was the same today. I’ll give you one guess what it was, and I bet 99% of you would be right. They only way you might not guess, is if this is your first time reading my blog.

Later in the afternoon, me and my crazy hair had a pear for a snack.

Speaking of food, remember that creepy syringe my dentist gave me last week? Well, I retract my previous statement. It’s not creepy, it’s awesome.

I used it the other day, and I couldn’t believe how much food came out of the hole in my gums – at least a salad bar and a whole bagel. Gross. I couldn’t believe how much food was in there, and I didn’t even know it. Thank goodness for the creepy awesome dental syringe. My gums are finally feeling a lot better than they were. They are still a bit sore, but not bad enough that I have to take any pain medicine.

On the agenda tonight is parent teacher conferences. Can’t wait.

Questions of the day:

  • Do you like smoothies? What’s your favorite?
  • Do you have any grocery store confessions?
  • Do you have any plans for this Monday night?


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5 Responses to Grocery Confessions

  1. Our parent-teacher conferences were last Thursday & Friday. SO glad they are over! I call them the “Kiss Off” conference, because it’s the last set of the year. Bring your teacher coffee. Straight A’s forever!! I do like smoothies, but I don’t like to drink my calories, does that make sense? Although that raspberry goodness of yours, make me rethink that statement. Tonight I will either go to Group Power/Bodypump or Restorative Yoga. I will end the evening with Real Housewives or Bethenny, I forget which is on tonight.

  2. Your blender is so pretty!

    Do you ever make hummus in it? I use our ugly blender for hummus about 90% of the time.. and that other 10% of usage goes to smoothies too.

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