Apologies and Stuff

Good afternoon. I hope that you’re all having a lovely day.

I would like to clear up something from yesterday’s  post about Danny’s comment about “real jobs.”  Danny let me know that he felt that I took what he said out of context. By “real job”, he meant a job outside the home. A job that requires other people to actually see me, and might not appreciate my love for sweatpants the way I do.

Danny 100% believes that being a mother, as well as taking care of other children, is a “real job.” He appreciates everything that I do, and I appreciate everything that he does. I don’t really think that I could have the kind of job where I sit behind a desk and talk on the phone all day. I usually try to avoid talking on the phone whenever possible actually.

So, I would like to apologize to my husband for taking what he said the wrong way.

I would like to point out, though, that up until a few months ago, I did have a job outside the home. I worked part-time as a math and reading tutor. I wore an employee appointed polo shirt…and yoga pants. Not every job out there requires business clothes.


This morning before heading my dreaded mole removal appointment, I had a Dannon strawberry Greek yogurt. I haven’t been too hungry in the mornings, so I haven’t been eating a big breakfast. But a couple of hours later, I’m starving, so I’m going to try to eat a little more in the mornings.

After I dropped Jaden off at school, I went to the dermatologist.

This little guy that used to be on my back is now gone:

It was a pretty simple procedure. The initial shot to numb my back wasn’t fun, but shots never are. After that, I didn’t really feel any pain. I felt a slightly painful tug once and said, ow! The doctor asked me if it hurt. No, I just like to say ow! in hopes that I’ll startle you and maybe you’ll mess up. Yeah, it hurt.

It was over quickly and off my mole went to some lab to be biopsied. Then they removed the stitches in my shoulder.

Now I’m left with a little scar and a band-aid shaped rash. Awesome. I removed the band-aid every day to wash and apply Vaseline, but I have really sensitive skin, which is why there’s a rash.

After the doctor, I treated myself to a McDonald’s coffee, ran to Kohl’s and stopped at the grocery store.

I saw these cute slippers at Kohl’s.

Yup, those are definitely going on my birthday wish list.

I also picked up a few groceries at the store.

Then I picked up Jaden from school, and came home for an early lunch because I was starving. I had my usual bagelwich with grapes, carrots, green peppers, pretzel sticks, and hummus. The Sabra garlic hummus is my all time favorite hummus.

Questions of the day:

  • What’s the last thing you ate? What’s the last thing that you wish you ate?
  • Do you love slippers? I love slippers.
  • Does your significant other ever want to punch you in the face? Mine does.


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13 Responses to Apologies and Stuff

  1. I had a falafal sandwich…it was really good

  2. Marlene

    I know that you and Danny appreciate each other, you both give over 100% to each other and your family!

  3. I love falafel and I want 3 moles removed. One is on my chin and I hate it.

    I don’t think anyone thought Danny was an ass for saying that. It’s true, can’t wear sweat pants to many jobs lol

  4. Before you tutored, did you work anywhere else? Do you have your degree in education? Just curious, because I’m a primary school teacher.

  5. Tina

    I had a mole removed from the same spot on my arm on Tuesday! My two stitches will be removed on Wednesday and they’ll tell me the results of the biopsy. What happened with yours?

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