Danny Bakes!

Ahhh…Saturday. I love it when the weekend comes.

I dragged my tired butt out of bed this morning to go to yoga because I haven’t been in about a week and a half. I ate a clementine and a thinkThin fruit and nut bar before going.

When I walked into yoga, the instructor saw my shoulder and asked what happened. I told her that I had a mole removed, and I had to be careful not to tear the stitches. She told me that she had a mole removed on her chest and after it was gone, she kind of missed it.

Yes! I am not the only person that has an abnormal love for their mole! I felt better for missing my mole after she told me that. However, I didn’t tell her that I planned on drawing my mole back on with a Sharpie because that’s just weird…

Yoga was different today because we used light weights, resistance bands, and a Pilates ring. It was nice changing it up a bit, and it makes the class go by faster. I also did a quick 10 minutes on the stationary bike.

When I got home from yoga, Danny had all the ingredients to make cookies set up on the counter.

 He and my dad made a bet on the Super Bowl game, and Danny lost, so he has to bake my dad cookies. He did surprising well. I think Danny is just hiding his culinary skills from me so that he doesn’t ever have to cook. Nah, that’s not true. I’ve seen his eggs.

He followed the directions on the Tollhouse chocolate chip package, and make them completely by himself. He wouldn’t even let me hold the mixer.

Even though he followed the directions perfectly, the cookies came out a little bit flat, and we couldn’t figure out why. They did taste awesome, though. He even stuck a peanut butter cup in some of them.

That might have been the one and only time that Danny has ever baked, so I’m glad that I caught it on camera.

For lunch today, I had a bagelwich (big surprise) with pickles and a Southwest salad. I think Danny and I have gone through five bags of this salad in the past week. It’s so good.

I’m excited for our dinner plans tonight!

Do you have any exciting plans tonight?

What’s your favorite kind of cookie?


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5 Responses to Danny Bakes!

  1. Dang, those cookie look good! Fun idea with pb cup. I went to Portillos for a family bday party.

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